Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The break from running continues. I have been working-on not worrying about anything. The functional strength work has been going great when we do it. Have had a few days off from that either the schedule, or sleep, or travel getting in the way. But beyond that, I have been moving furniture, going on little jogs and played a little soccer with some old friends. 3 on 3, wide field to enhance the effort, and actually on my old high school field that's now artificial turf, the kind that actually digs; my friend was wearing traditional cleats, so the turf is not some kind of green asphalt. However, the ball still moves like it's on a putting green. Oh my. Beautiful stuff.

The running will come.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chapter 2

#New Program, #Diversity Fitness

It's new and it's trending. I put my running on a bus to Juarez and said I'll be down there to get you when my training is much further along. I'm bored, I'm a out of shape (a lot by some standards) and I'm ready to just get lean and mean. I'm in, wife's in, hell, the kid woke-up and even joined-in. Daily variety commitment. What's it called? Uncle.

Go getcha some.