Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 4/20 thru 4/26

4/20 Monday

30 minutes run, 20 minutes spin.

4/21 Tuesday

50 minutes around the campus. Ran from the parking structure to the track, 3 miles and then the remainder around the neighborhood. The street was hard and the sun hot. Dressed and carried on. . . .felt sore but good overall.

4/22 Wednesday

Off (even though this is a very busy day so it’s tough to get in a w/o anyway, I remember Trevor insisting I take a full day off!) It’s key.

4/23 Thursday

Gym. 40 minute run, 20 minute spin, 10 min row machine. I like the row machine, the fluidity of it, working the legs (gently), and some upper-body/core/back. Plus, if you kinda hammer, it’s a work-out.

4/24 Friday

35 minutes of jump-roping. I refused to go to the gym today and do the treadmill and hang with all of those stinky dogs and watch TV. I just wasn’t feeling the gym at all. The jump-roping I think is similar to the barefoot run, the vibram 5 finger gimmick, etc. I jump in very light racing flats so it’s a good lower leg work-out. 35 minutes seemed cake. I could’ve/should’ve gone on, but it’s Friday and I’m ready for a little chillaxing.

4/25 Saturday

1:40 run (12 miles). I’m actually surprised I ran that far. I just cruised and I mean like beach cruiser cruised. I walked at the turn around, stopped for a drink/gu, etc.

This run hurt, joint-wise. And I felt like I was going to fall asleep up until the final 10 minutes when I felt like a million bucks. I had no coffee before the run. I can’t do that. I need Redbull or coffee to jumpstart the system. Since these early morning runs are new to me, my system is just not up. And I awoke at 3:30am grabbed my stuff, went downstairs, saw the clock, and went back to bed. I’m psyched for these morning runs, but I need coffee.

I can’t wait for these to be stronger, and faster. I can’t wait.

4/26 Sunday

1:40 at the gym. Run for 40 minutes, spin for 30 and run for another 30. Solid.

290 minutes of running
115 minutes of spinning/other aerobic training

Looks very similar to last week number wise, but the work-outs I think continue to gain quality. And at least I'm establishing some consistency.

I do need to comment on some of the soreness. Since I've had a little hip/ITB issue in the past, I'm a little warry of that kind of pain. I was sore on a few of these runs (the 50 min. thru the streets and the 1:40 through the streets). These are hard surface runs that absolutely pain me to think about. I was really sore during the long run Saturday. BUT, my body feels great now. The soreness is in all the right places and I can just tell I'm starting to come back around. I will never take so much time off, let myself go like that. It feels so good to be feeling good.

And I have to say, the early morning work-out is the key. . .it's THE SECRET.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week 4/13 thru 4/19

Sticking with the horror movie on dvd theme, this week got me out of the ghost phase, and now at least I'm aware of how much work I have to do. I'm poking my head through the earth. . .signs of life.

This is really insightful and well-written. Before I read Magill's post, I'd decided that this week was about getting back at it. My chops are so rusty right now it's weird. I've been really light on the training, but I didn't know how light. As Pete reminded me, I just wasn't running; the work-outs I have done have been soft. This recent "hiatus" culminated last week when I got in only a couple of work-outs and let a busy work week and other lifeships capture the rest of my attention and drop me off on planet rut. This week has been about getting back my step, my rhythm.

Week of 4/13 thru 4/19

Nada like a bum

a.m. 15 min jump rope with coffee recovery!
p.m. 30 minutes spin, 20 min run/walk

A lot of walking and some stairs (at work in civies)

50 minute hilly run around the neighborhood, on some trails to the coast, in some flowers (shit the pollen count is killing me. The first 30 min were brutal. My allergies are wacked). Heavy, sluggish run. I needed it bad. Felt sooooo good afterwards. I have to stay superactive. It’s sooooo key)

75 minute run on the beach from S. Mission to Birdrock, a little windy but I’m just weak right now. The sand might’ve had something to do with it, but I felt really out of shape. Geez. I finished and just sat in the ocean for about 10 minutes. Good cold soak. Long run for me.
I’ve had it! I’ve let myself go even though I only had one off week recently (last week). Anyways. It’s time to get it on.

1+ hour run from my house to the track, 3 ez miles, some drills, a stride or two and run back. Felt terrible until I went #2 before the run home. I flew home.
I got out the door at 6:30 am. Didn’t eat very well yesterday and had a few beers last night watching the Padres come back from down 7-1 to Cole Hamels in Philly. 8-7 final. Beautiful stuff.
But this run was nasty. That’s 3 nasty runs in a row. I feel old. Knees a little stiff, just the whole kit n kaboodle is a bit lame right now. Keep running.
Did 45 min spin at the gym and the rowing machine for 10 min along with a little lifting (not much).
Then the park with Jack: dribbling and shooting drills. Daddy doing sprints.

1:20 minute run (1:05 out the door at 6:30am and 15 min at the gym)
45 minute spin at the gym with a little jog after. 10 minute row machine.
And then more soccer with Jack in this gorgeous weather.

120 minutes spinning
290 minutes running

So I definitely got things going a little more. I want to run in the morning and be outside. I didn't even hit trail since my travel time is limited. That changes in May. But this week (especially the weekend) proved to me that I can get a lot done if I go early.

The goal right now is run a lot, ez more than anything, but it's okay to mix it up. As I get stronger, the runs will get harder, longer.
1 hour as often as I can.

Go Padres.

Monday, April 13, 2009

4/6 to 4/12

Scary! An off week. A couple of work-outs, a spring break (not mine), household going hard, Easter, in-laws, allergies. Pretty nuts.

This whole training thing is weird. Last week, I really didn't exercise but for a little run, a little spin, a lot of walking and a lot of eating. I ate at McDonald's. I ate the refrigerator clean. Too busy and tired (not from eating!) to run: lazy. When one has such a week there is fear (that stalks the land). I'm finished. Look at all of these nuts training like Olympians, throwing back protein shakes and beers, eating steamed vegetables and locally shucked oysters. I'm a big piece of peperoni pizza. Panormous.

Anyways, so that was last week. This week (Monday) got off to a bang. Busy day at work, off to pick-up Jack and go to the gym for a solid fit bang. . . But Jack had a rough day at school. So no gym because that's fun you see, not just for me, you see.

So, a burrito for dinner and a corona to wash back the Alegra D. That's what's going on. . .

It's a ghost story. I am a ghost of the runner I was. Fear stalks the land.

But I don't buy any of this. The blogosphere/web/TV keeps me close to the training and competition that I need. I love talking about training. I love watching my Padres win (especially in NYC). So my spirit is alive and well. And I'm just not worried about anything with respect to my fitness. It's the Off Season: A Ghost Story. And until that changes, that's my header.

Things will change. My wife loves my dedication to her schedule. She's readying the green light come mid-May when I can go long more often. My fitness is there. One can get really caught-up in all the talk. Unfortunately, for that ghost (doubt and fear) that lingers in the down-time, I'll get a chance to shove that stake up its arse. I'm going to stay fit, get fitter and race. My last race is Dec. 5! I'm 6 months out from an October race that I've done before. It's on the calendar as are other "outings." There's plenty of time.

There's a lot going on, anyways, and that's just the way the ball bounces.

For the record. . .

Monday 4/6

45 minute run, a little progression but still pretty ez and flat.

Tuesday 4/7

45 minute spin. Didn’t have a lot of time, but it was good enough

Wednesday 4/8

Went to the Padre game!

Thursday - Monday (today)


. . .pass me a doughnut!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

3/30 to 4/5

Monday 3/30
45 min. run around the hilly neighborhood.
Later hit the gym and ran another 30 min., spin for 20 min.

Tuesday 3/31
a.m. 45 min. run at the gym. Max hr 147.
p.m. 45 min run, rolling.

Wed. 4/1
p.m. 35 min. run, 20 min. spin

Thursday 4/2
Off . . . .taxes

Friday 4/3
p.m. 1:00 run.
30 min. EZ, 30 min. steady, over my HR cap. Felt like crap. . . because of lunch (too much fiber . . .again, reason to run in the a.m.)

Saturday 4/4
1 hr. hike/trail run with family.

Sunday 4/5
a.m. 1:00 run. 30 min. EZ, 30 min. steady. Felt great.
p.m. 1 hr. hike/trail run w/Jack (my 5 year-old). Great experience for him and great setting. Garmined it: ~1 mile loop. We did it twice with a little additional climb to sit on a log and look at the ocean. ~650ft. of climbing. What a blast.

Highlight of the run: Jack repeating, as if to himself, “don’t stop running” as we’re running a trail. And at one point I say, should we rest? “No, Dad: I’m resty.” He was drawn to the little bit of rock climbing that was available (yikes.)

Week total: ~7 hours of running + some spinning. Pretty good. The running needs to get “harder” and the core work tougher, more often.