Monday, February 25, 2013


Did 40 last week but included a 12 and 14 on 3 days.  Was a fluke.  The 7 I did Sunday was a confirmation that I should survive that potential disaster.

Therefore, the run and the eating are banging!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Nothing on Thursday though I walk ~2 miles around work each time I'm on campus.

But today I did 14 miles with about 1000ft of vert.  What's big here is that I backed up the 12 miles on Wednesday and this run was a mixture of road and trail, not the more strictly flat I've been doing to take care of the Achilles.

I was pretty sore toward the end of this run and have some soreness.  God I hope I didn't take a step back.

The 50k is about 7 weeks out.  Doing 12 and 14 like this are huge for my mental health alone.  I will scale back, run consistently and just get stronger.  If I can go 18 to 20 in the next 2-3 weeks, we good.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Unless my feet fall off while I sleep, this counts as a good day on the prep for spring: 12 miles.  Compression socks on, beers on the menu, and about 6 miles tomorrow.  Want to do at least one more of these this week. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday 2/19

Logging the exercise on Attack, but things are plugging along nicely.  The achilles feels great.  The food is solid as well though I still need more veggies throughout the day. 

Looking to put a couple of 10 to 12 (even one 15) milers together somehow this week. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Keeping track now on my Attackpoint log.  Running everyday, though just easy and short.  Right now, I know I'm doing the right thing.  Getting more and more comfortable and getting out regularly, might try to throw a little streak together, is helping a ton.  Running little "bumps" in the road is getting me psyched to get back to running hills (what got me in trouble in the first place).  Can't wait to this party started.

Got the position I want on the Ragnar relay I'm doing 2 weeks after Oriflamme.  If I finish April strong, I am going to be suckin grogs and crushing trail!

For now, I'm looking forward to my ez, short run tomorrow :)

Food is going great.  Yeah I should be nibbling carrots through out the day, salads for lunch, etc.  I haven't even been eating much of the green scrambles I love.

But, there's just no gluten.  I am really opposed to bread, pretzels, noodles, etc.  And I used to love this stuff.  In general, a few eggs, corn tortillas with nut butter, sushi and a lot of chicken arugula salads have been the menu.

- 4 miles at Mission Bay

Monday, February 11, 2013


With guests over Sunday, ate lasagna and had a piece of garlic bread and a piece of pie.  Not to that point where I tell extended family members I'll pass on that food.  No biggie, but I did feel like shit afterwards.  To my point, why salads and beer are the healthiest meal. 

Took Sunday off because we had a lot going on - traded in my car for another car, guests over, chores to make more presentable (I like yard work actually because you get a little work out and the place looks better afterwards - results!). 

But the real reason I took Sunday off is so I could be stronger today, which I was though pretty sore.  The key was backing up Friday's 10 miles on Saturday.  A 5 mile trail run did the trick. I felt good.  So I hit pause on Sunday.

- 6 miles at Mission Trails, with some definite rolling terrain.  Was really sore starting out.  Probably because I didn't warm-up, I just started running and wanted to run, so I just took off.  The pain subsided.  I felt good thereafter but I can still feel the run now.  Haven't checked the stats but probably climbed ~400 ft.  Very gradual.  Need to do 6-7 most days with a nice 10-12 mixed-in for the next couple of weeks.  The 10 Friday was a huge breakthrough.  Can't wait for the next one. Today seemed a bit of set-back, but I'll judge that tomorrow.

Peace out.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I backed-up yesterday's 10 miles with a mellow 5 miles today.  The pace was perfect and I had no choice.  Coulda (shoulda?) rested for a solid Sunday, but this told me a bunch.  I felt the achilles last night.  No doubt.  I put on my compression socks after greasing up with some arnica, just took it ez and slept a bunch.  Woke up and did errands, chores, no worries, no "need" to run and lo and behold I had a window late in the day.  5 mellow miles.  And the achilles was solid.  Sure a little sensation.

- 4 miles Mission Trails

Had the greatest salad ever for dinner (my usual: arugula and a bunch of other goodies with the famous dressing).

Breakfast was a break burrito, lunch was an Udi pb&j.

Let's go!

Friday, February 8, 2013


So so week of running, but today was about as fine as this glass of world class IPA I've got beside me; I'm beside myself.

- 4 miles Monday at Mission Trails

Tuesday off.  Felt a little discomfort in the achilles and like a wimp, I took day off.  Might've been smart?  who knows.

- 4 miles Wednesday treadmill.  Whatever.  Got it in.  Pace was okay.  I got to watch myself run in the mirror.  Our membership at the Y ends in 2 days.  Unless I start doing pool laps again, no worries.

Thursday off.  Same thing.  Just kinda hmmmmm.  Scared to death of a big set-back.

- 10 miles Friday (today):  Loved this.  Did 8 and then after a few errands and having to wait for someone, 2 ez ez miles.  I'm back!

We'll see.  Have to back this up, have a good weekend.

The eating is solid.  Gotta get the run back!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Sunday did the 6 miles on track and grass, faster pace and felt pretty good.  When I got home, I recovered and then hiked to the top of Mt. Helix with wife and two future trail runners (Jack and Cian).   This hike was done very carefully.  I am a big wuss on the achilles recovery.  During the hike it felt a little tender, but I new I wouldn't do anything too damaging.  So yesterday, 7 miles and the hike gave me a little extra umph.  

But after today, I am really pumped.  The achilles feels strong today.  I was going to run after work only if I felt okay.  After work, I felt great.  Did about 4 miles on a local trail into the dark.  Since I'm scared of the dark, I actually surged at the end.  The achilles feels great knock on wood.  

So I backed up yesterday's run and feel great even now.  I think the hike was key.  So, I will start mixing in some steeper hikes to start integrating vert.  Run flat, hike bigger hills, mountains.  Phase II.

On the food end, pretty solid.  Except today I had some fish tacos that were battered.  And I am bloated.  Wasn't a lot of food and I am distended, uncomfortable.  At a super bowl party, I ate some pulled pork and hot links, and white chili to go with all the beer I drank so yesterday was a bit of a shit house on the food end (just wonky with all the beer and crap).  But felt fine this morning.  The fish tacos sucked.  Keep it straight.

But great news on the run.

- 4 miles Mission Trails

Sunday, February 3, 2013

End of Week

Friday I ran 6 miles on a rolling (flat) road that felt horrible.  First day on the thyroid meds (for the rest of my life!) so naturally I attributed my feeling on the run to that.  Great.  Whatever.  The achilles feels pretty damn good.  Find positive (repeat).

No running Saturday because of bizzy family crap and a day between these runs are key.  I am almost there (there meaning run anytime anywhere anydistance).  Patience.  Good day, Saturday.  A lot done, and cooked a killer dinner of pollo asada tacos.  Plus some epic brews and Tim, JW and Rick and confirm.

This morning, about 6 miles on the track and then through a nearby park.  The pace was way up, still comfortable, just jogging.  Probably too fast on the HR end (didn't wear HRM), but still comfortable and a good test of the achilles. Again, things are coming along.  I have no desire to start running hills.
The idea is to extend the runs, still go flat, mix-in trail that naturally has up and down, but mainly just go longer and longer.  I have to ;)

Food has been pretty good on the whole.  Need to get some more UDIs for the morning toast before I the road.  Not having breakie is putting me behind.  OTher than that, really no food floury crap to speak of a all.  Even my tacos last night: corn tortilla, chicken and chopped green onion, avo, chopped jalapeno and salsa.  Bam!  And DIPA :)

- Friday 6 miles Lake Murray

- Sunday 6 miles Grossmont HS track and griffith park.
- Sunday 1.5 hike to Mt. Helix top