Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday - 3 miles

Avg. HR 130. I rode the trainer for 40 minutes and did some weights prior to this little jog.

My trip to Idyllwild was just what the doctor ordered. We did some scouting on the way up. I found what will turn-out to be some great trails to run for years to come. The PCT is accessible from many trail heads, so this is quite a venue for hiking/running and taking in massively scenic vistas.

Come Sunday morning with grandparents certainly in a position to watch my boy, I decided snoozing with my four-year-old beat any ole run. Besides, I was beat! I needed to sleep and actually I was pretty sore in places that concerned me a little. The rest of Sunday was spent lazing around. We found the Euro final on one of the few stations we get up there. Took a nap. Took another nap. The place made for a nice sleeping venue, too. The run window was early; even Idyllwild at ~5,000 ft. turned out to be fairly warm, which I had no stomach for. We're heading back in a couple of weeks with some plans! Can't freakin wait (I have to note that the cabin has been under repair for a few years, which is why it's most recently --NOW-- on the radar. Of course, things like cabins need constant maintenance. We're all on the same page now. Believe you me).

Because of the soreness and some reflection, I'm considering a little change in my approach. I've been working towards building mileage at MAF/Aet with the integration of some speed, since I appear to be plateauing. But, I do not want to injure myself. I haven't done a lot of long distance running but for the last 5 years and nothing like I'm doing now. These days, I'm running almost exclusively, trying to build toward 60-70 mile weeks; I don't have much time for much else. If that's one's approach, when does one pull on the reigns but when injury has reared it's terrible mug. I'm not sure I have the system to sustain that kind of pounding even though it's primarily aerobic.

I think 40 miles is a solid number and on a "good" week I'll be able to do more (I've been 40-50 for about five months now with a couple where I've sniffed 60). Going forward, my work-outs will consider more injury prevention - - weights, stretching, bike, swim/surf, walk, yoga, etc. --
and the runs will be MAF but for one BIG day and one speed day a week. Furthermore, I need to be very strict about my run surface.

Keep in mind, I'm journaling first and foremost. These are some of my thoughts at this time. I really really want to stay healthy. Who knows. I might have a good couple of weeks and go another direction.

But I doubt it.

Last week's total: 40 miles

The boy and his Papa

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday - 5 miles

Avg. HR 145. Felt really really good. Wasn't soft at all. My legs could feel yesterday, but my body needed this one. I'm playing single parent today and the boy and I are heading to Idllywild to visit his grandparents in about an hour. The PCT runs through the area - there are trails. If I can get off to scout and run a little I win. Otherwise, I kick it and listen to the summer mountain air blow through the trees, or both = it's a win win.

A little note on yesterday's 12 mile trail run. I broke it into two 6 mile loops. I hydrated much better on the run than I have in the past. Lucho's lecture hit home, lit a fire under common sense. But the GPS data was interesting.

On the first loop, my HR avg 147 with a 8:25 pace. The hills made my HR spike a little but I've gotta say thumbs-up.

On the second loop, I decided to negative split, push it and see how I can do. The heat was rising, but I hydrated the same as the first loop (and the heat couldn't be that much of a factor since it was less than an hour later). My HR avg 160 with a 8:15 pace. Granted, it's the second loop, and the outside and inside temps are rising. But I don't see much improvement in the pace.

My point is I fared pretty well on the first loop not working as hard. I can recall my "intentions" on the second loop and almost feel like the intention to go hard had something to do with the much higher HR. In other words, by saying to myself, "i'm going to go harder now," my HR responded, even though I wasn't actually going much harder. I hope that makes sense.

The numbers don't lie. All in all, I was pleased with the work. Sure the HR was high, in fact anaerobic.

Between what Maffetone, Lucho and a guy like Gordo say, such a work-out is not outside the program. It was certainly a "key" day.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday - 20 miles

On Thursday the family went to the park, kicked the soccer ball around and actually walked about 2 miles.

Friday a.m. - 12 miles, 1:40, 1800ft. climbing, avg. HR 154 (But I will break this down in next post)

Friday p.m. - 8 miles, easy, avg. HR 140


This morning I started this post before I ran. I wrote "20 miles." Have you ever written down a goal? There is research (legitimate at that) that suggests writing it promotes the achievement. All day, despite a number of distractions, I got it done. It was classic. And I felt absolutely (feel absolutely) great. Fatigue I guess is gone. I'm just trying to be responsible. My wife doesn't necessarily understand.

As a little follow-up to my trip: I was psyched to be scouting for the 50k late summer. I want to see how my body fares under such distress (training/racing). I'm not sure it's happening. At first it was my repugnance for the proximity of a nuclear plant and the obvious affect it has on the beauty, which I described earlier. Understandably, the "war on terror" may be a good enough excuse to make such "character" blunders as I witnessed on my run, but the gold definitely lost some of its glitter.

Howeheva, my thoughts on the physical demands of the 50k have become the real deciding factor. I felt super super strong after my 12 miler over gorgeous rolling hills. I didn't hit any of the big peaks, which I plan to hit in the next 60 days if I can manage it, but the run was solid. I feel very good about the way things have been going training-wise. Today's big day feels really good; sure I have little uncertainties, but I feel strong. Two things, which are totally related, need to happen before I launch Ultra Matt. First, I want to continue to get as fit as I can. I start a 6 week block of speed soon. I tasted some last Friday and that sh*t will be nice. After raising my top end, I'll start over and see where my ass is (MAF). I will run some shorter races during the speed work and Xterra Trail kicks-up again at the end of summer, so that's a given.

Secondly, I need to be throwing that kind of mileage around easily (50k type). I need a schedule in which I'm consistently knocking back 20-30 mile runs. Twice a week, etc. That's just not happening. But I'm getting there. The 21k trail runs are pretty sweet and certainly a challenge! I mean, what am I thinking? So, really really doubtful about the 50k this summer. But what it does mean is keep building through added speed and volume consistency.

Yet I did 20 today!

Where are my flip-flops?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday through Wednesday - 44 miles

Thursday - 5 miles, avg. HR 136, ran well, strong, but it was still work. Spun for 20 minutes.

Friday - 8 mile tempo run from Goleta Beach in Santa Barbara. Parked at the beach and ran along a lagoon that wanders back towards down town S.B. Sounds really nice. It was except for the 100+ degrees. Heat wave shattered a lot of records along the coast that Friday (6/20). Morro Bay was 108 that day and the previous high (according to a local) was 98. So, nice day for the tempo run which was longer and sooner than I'd planned. Howeva, driving through L.A. was so F'ing disgusting and long and disturbing and ominous and and and .. . .I was like a caged animal when I finally got to S.B. for my quick run stop before heading north. My PE was not consistent with the 7:20ish pace I hit out of the car just easing into the run. I was pumped to be running. My HR climbed, I got dehydrated and got back to the car in close to an hour. It was more like a giant, raunchy fartlek. But I was heading north. Avg. HR 157. Yikes.

Saturday - 4 miles on the beach with my buddy who is NOT in shape to run. Keep hittin' the hippy lettuce, home slice. The guy's an athlete, but he's become this quasi surf bum who likes to do whatever quasi surf bums do. He looks in shape. But damn. This affected the run volume over the weekend. Not a big deal. My run on Friday was great and Sunday was poetic in many many ways (ideal, tragic, haunting. . . . ). We had a nice little south swell on Fri and Sat, so Sat was spent hanging around the beach surfing and, well, hanging around. The Friday run literally cooked me, so the 4 miler, very easy, was just fine.

Sunday - 12+ miles, avg. HR 143 - Max 163. This was the run I'd looked forward to doing on the trip, at Montana de Oro, site of a 50k in Aug. and basically just a sick piece of land that sticks out into the big cold waters of the Central Coast, between Avila and Morro Bay. I knew exactly what I was expecting. I scouted the area Saturday, asked around a little and figured I'd take to the trail that followed the bluffs heading south further away from any sign of traffic. I had my friend drop me off on a road where I spotted this trail head:
The trail wanders down to the coast (I did not take my camera, sorry) and then runs along some bluffs that overlook truly gorgeous coastline. Here's an image of what much of the trail looked like. But the trail spilled onto what appeared the end of the vehicle access road where some cars were parked, next to a big fence. I saw some people walking beyond the fence, so I ran down to them to see where this went. 200 yards later I'm at another fence and two NASCAR looking guys (i don't have much against NASCAR; hopefully you catch my drift) want to know my "information" and hand me a form to fill-out. The point about NASCAR is not just some weak attempt at humor; I'm at a state park that's unbelievably rich with its natural beauty of voluptuously rolling landscape and primitive coastline -- I'm expecting a ranger, a hippy for God's sake! Not the shallow grunts of a white guy who doesn't want to be there. And wants to know, for instance, the kind of car I'm driving and my address. I filled it out and was granted access to the Buchon Pt. trail, a 3+ mile loop that went further south along a perfect trail, parallel to a coast riddled with dark green coves, huge hairy kelp paddies, and eroding rock that reaches out into the cold wind blown Pacific. I'm pretty interested in this stretch of land and sea and want to learn a lot more. The run looked just fine. From a distance, this is where I was headed (click to enlarge):
The run was great; I did the loop twice and then found some other innocent looking trails to court. I felt very very good afterwards - like I could do it again. . .and like I've waxed, the beauty was prevalent. The little town of Los Osos at the entrance to Montana de Oro was like this little tucked-away secret spot. There's great surf and beach communities with trail running galore. Throw in some amazing sea food and produce and I'm thinking retirement on gold mountain. My little pot of gold. Howeva, as the run progressed, I noticed a lot of signage. Most of them referenced the dangerous bluffs - Stay Back, etc. As the run heads south, you can see the prospect of running out of land. There's a road up the mountain to the left, which you kinda hope might be included. Bottomline: you're getting into "no man's land." Well, as it turns-out, that's exactly what someone wants you to realize. A few of the signs I glided past had the word "nuclear" included in the warning. There was an electric fence to the left that clearly wasn't all that natural or beautiful. My bliss was starting to initiate the landing gear. I stopped to read one of the nuclear signs. I wish I had a camera for the whole experience. The juxtaposition/contrast was unfucking real: "Nuclear Plant/Stay On the Trail/Deadly Force May Be Used to Protect this Facility." I was pretty disturbed. You may think I'm over-reacting. I wasn't. I wanted to throw Los Osos and the whole place into the sea. Or just kill one of the NASCAR gentlemen at the security gate. I had been right about those numbskulls.

I'm actually a little better now. The nuclear plant refers to the Mt. Diablo Nuclear Plant that's south of Montana de Oro. Pretty nuts. I'm still in love; it's just that I know a little more about her. Like she only has one ear, or a green boob. She's a little messed up. But I'm going back to run it. I didn't get a chance to run the peaks which have more trails. Looks like a mountain bike haven and trail running mecca. I'll go back, soon. A few more pics from the trip. And some mileage.

Tuesday - 5 miles, Avg. HR 130.

Wednesday - 10 miles, Avg. HR 135. Running pretty strong.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday - 6 miles

Avg. HR 147, max 158, almost 1000ft. of climbing on a pretty good urban trail near where I work. I hiked some of the last little bumps just to keep things in check. I gotta stay focused! Speed work is coming! Plus I ran at 3:00, hottest time of the day.

The fatigue is still here; Lucho nailed that one. It's clearly the case. These runs are kinda like "work," but I know I'll "work" through "it". Today's 6 miler was a lot more fun than yesterday's road kill. I love the trail. Now that I'm back at work I need to be a little more creative on the two-a-days. Actually, it's not even creativity. It's will. It's being Tiger Woods with the logistics (Did you hear the follow-up on that fat cat? Stress fracture a month before the Open. Doctors said crutches and inactivity for the next few months. Tiger looked at the doctor ((imagine that stare down)) and said, "I'm playing in the U.S. Open and I'm going to win." He was on one leg. His people knew this. He didn't injure the knee during the tourney. He won the U.S. Open on one leg, 91 holes, the longest track in Open history. Sick.)

I actually thought about my coffee intake during the run today. .but . .naaaah. Coffee's too cool. It's fatigue. I'm eating like a champ, sleeping well and staying this side of the abyss.

This weekend, I'm going to the Central Coast to camp and hang-out with a really good friend who lives in Oakland. There are, I'm pretty sure, a lot of trails to run up there. I'll be running parts of this place, which will host a 50k I'm thinking about running in August. Looking at the elevation map and the course map, I can run some of the trails that make-up the 25k route (the Valencia Peak and Hazard Peak loops). Check-out the pics. We'll see. On my way up, I'll hopefully get a little run in on a trail from this site. We'll see how it all works-out, but putting civilization in my rear-view and getting-up north should prescribe a much needed bump to my program and the fatigued system I'm carrying around.

The idea is to scout like crazy. I read one guy's training log that included some big trails/mountains off of the Coast Ridge Road, which is part of the Ventana Wilderness area. That's a little north of where I'll be, but who knows. It's all about planting seeds that will grow.

Dear God,
May I one day get to go super big!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday and Tuesday - 10 miles

On Monday, I didn't have much energy -- have a big week of work ahead -- so I went to the gym and putzed around. At least I putzed around. Not a lot of energy and Sunday's test, although Lucho mentioned there might be some good signs in there somewhere, didn't fire me up. I do need to get fired-up because I have a big weekend coming-up that will include some epic trail runs, which I'll preview later. So, a weak Monday of about 4 miles and some spinning. Putzed.

Tuesday - 6 miles, avg HR 150. Again, not thrilled with this. Ran on the road, which added to the thrillessness. I have to get pumped. I don't feel very fit. I need a paradigm shift. If I don't see much improvement in my MAF in a few weeks, apparently I've plateaued and it's time for tempo and intervals. Anyways. I feel fine physically. Just a little limbo.

How about those Celtics. Wow.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday and Sunday - 12 miles

Saturday- Spun for 35 minutes, which feels very good (I need to ride more!) and ran 5 miles. Felt pretty good. I know I'm testing in the morning.

Sunday- W/U 2 miles, first one so slow it was like sleep walking. After the w/u, 4 miles at HR 150

Mile 1 HR 150, 7:58
Mile 2 HR 150, 8:01
Mile 3 HR 150, 8:05
Mile 4 HR 150, 8:05

Then I ran another mile just because. I am not that excited about this test. Although I'm not 100% (still feeling that bug a little) I want the HR a little lower. 150 is my Aet, so that's the target, but I would've liked to see 147ish. Oh well. And sure I would like to have seen faster splits, but who wouldn't. This is my second successful test, meaning it did a pretty good job of guaging my fitness that day. My last test consisted of splits around 8:12 and slower from there. So today is an improvement, but not huge.

For the record: Off week total mileage: 40 miles

I am a MAF infant. I have so much work to do and consistency and discipline are going to be very key. If my recent work-outs (last few months) had consistently been 130-140, 140-150 without much deviation at all, I'd probably see more improvement. Plus diet would play a huge factor. Well, you can't win them all.

Lucho suggested more design in my program, integrating a rest week every fourth week. This week will include a test. Every four weeks. I need to step-it-up-a-notch!

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday - 4 miles

This would've been a good day to test as I was feeling better and the HR data was definitely back to normal. The run felt strong, light, no pain anywhere and according to my pace, my HR was low. This is probably what one means when he says, "Everything rests on rest.. it's the only time we get stronger." Avg. HR 135. Hopefully I test today (Saturday). I also spun for 35 minutes, about 110 rpm, nice and light.

One side note: I grew-up playing soccer and excelled playing club and college ball. So, obviously, I'm a fan. But I haven't really, for whatever reason, jumped-on the American soccer movement (nonetheless, when I was a grommet, I was a big San Diego Jaws fan and remember when the New York Cosmos came to town fielding a team that included this guy named Pele).

I have enjoyed watching world cup ball and some of the other international competitions, despite the constant American criticism of futbol/soccer that the players flop. We've all heard it, seen it. In fact, I was watching some 2008 UEFA Euro matches and became pretty distracted by the flopping. I concluded that it's part of the DNA of a futbol player. One might say, "don't they know this is televised and there's this thing called slow-motion?" Guys grabbing their ankles when they weren't even touched is totally absurd. It's part of selling one's cause to the game officials, I guess. The American ball I played lacked that quintessential element of drama.

I'm then led to generalize about Europeans in other sports. The biggest example is their impact on the NBA. There are some good European players in the NBA. But the consensus is they're soft. A few years ago, Dirk Nowitski led the Dallas Mavericks to the finals. They were on the verge of winning, but literally collapsed. Verdict: Dirk folded under pressure - executed an extended flop. This year, the Lakers Pau Gasol is heading down the same path. Such generalizations are naturally flawed, and I apologize if anyone is offended. But the evidence seems to suggest that the American blue-collar work ethic is still pretty strong.

Although some might ask why can't Americans succeed on the futbol pitch, Americans will probably counter with we're at a huge disadvantage historically, and who wants to play a game riddled with a bunch of melo-dramatic floppers. It's a good game. It's too bad.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday - 3 miles

Went to the gym and spun for about 35 minutes and ran 3 miles. The verdict is in: I'm fighting a bug. I was clammy and lacking energy all day, which only became worse at the gym. Funny how while I felt okay this past weekend I didn't work-out and now that I've come-down with something I know that I have to keep going although very light. The irony is gross. But here's another pretty cool discovery. Phil Maffetone (the father of MAF) says one of the important benefits of the MAF test is tracking the progress. If one does a test and sees a significant change in the results, then, as Maffetone says, "Excess stress, dietary or nutritional imbalance, or even physical problems" are among the possible culprits. As I headed-out on my run on Tuesday and noticed an elevated HR and subsequently felt like crap the rest of the run, I was puzzled. I pointed the finger at dehydration and Lucho pointed-out that my sudden three day "rest" most likely played a role as well. Either way, THE MERE CHANGE IN MY HR -- relative to the workout -- was a sign that something was wrong. Today, "it" reared it's head: I'm sick.

Check-out Alan Couzens newest installment on fat oxidation. In the end, MAF (low intensity) exercise fine-tunes the body. Coupled with the right diet, it encourages krazy energy efficiency and seems to allow us to identify problems before they occur.

Wednesday - 5 + miles

I just wore the HR monitor (Avg. 137) and kept it very comfortable, below MAF. Lucho sent me a nice simple weekly approach which he prescribes for all of his athletes regarding a rest week. I haven't done any of this in a long time. This just means taking a day or two off and then the rest of the week running much less volume below MAF. By the end of the week, test, and then back to normal. Sounds really good to me.

The run was still a little rough, but by the end, the body (the left leg for God's sakes!) felt much better. The little aches and pains I feel --as people have told me and I know from common sense and science--are all related (hydration, change in routine/volume, sleep, etc). This is such a learning process; I reflected the other day how bad I can feel during a week of training and compare that to how good I feel during a race week. Is it my flawless program, which has me peaking perfectly in every way imaginable? Yeah, right. Having short-term and long-term goals is very important as is a logical and flexible program to reach (some of) those goals. Even though I have a 50k sorta penciled in for late summer, I haven't registered for anything. Consequently, there is a kind of limbo occurring. Fortunately, I'm building. The training is connected to a sub-conscious of sorts and in that way "knows" what's coming. But I'm certainly not going bulls-eye on the known target ala JW. Despite all the fun he appears to be having, this is a guy whose focus is so defined. He knows exactly what he's up against and his program is constantly being tinkered to best facilitate the score. He is what we would call a true fiend. When the ends are healthy, the means are a beauty to observe. Watch and learn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday - 15 miles

Avg. HR 148, climbed 1700ft., and felt terrible almost the entire time. This was a disturbing surprise. I felt my age. I felt sick and rusty. I took three days off, which was really a bad deal. I knew it. I could have mustered 60-65 miles for last week but ended up with 50. Even on those days off, I can't just sit on the F'ing couch! I need to get work done in other ways. Stretch a few times daily, hydrate, eat like my life depends on it because it does (ChuckieV)! I did none of these things. Sure I didn't camp-out at McDonald's, but I wasn't very vigilant. An off day should be spinning lite, swimming, or running 3 F'ing miles, at least. Do some core work and stretch!

So today, I thought a good run was in the tank. I'm rested and ready to go. A few months ago running meant constantly checking my HR monitor; since my fitness was so poor, I had to keep things in check. But lately this hasn't been the case. I can pretty much run according to PE and the data is fairly consistent with my diet of MAF appetizer and Aet main course. Today, I start out on a little trail and sure I might have been running a false flat, but my HR, especially for early in the run, was pretty high. Let's keep in mind that I was very indecisive about the run today. Didn't know what I should do. I have a little too much time on my hands. So what did I do? I grabbed a coffee and headed for the trail. Was my elevated HR early on because of the americano? I think I'm in a kind of chronic dehydration mode. It's not acute, but just sorta behind the scenes if you know what I mean, which brings me back to those days off. I am not taking the training serious enough. I needed to be slapped around by my coach, which I don't have. Time to wake the F up.

The elevated HR caught me off guard. What was going on? Am I getting sick? Anyways, I decided to just dial it down and do about 12 miles (or should I pack it in and run later?? - the indecisiveness was abundant). But the HR still was a little high. My pace was MAF but my HR was Aet and above. It SUCKED. Oh well, tough it out. I turned it in to a longer run. But my next challenge was my left knee and my legs in general. I was sore. I'd stop and stretch and rub and then onward. At some point, mile 11?, I decided to pick things up. I actually hid the monitor beneath my sleeve just to shield my eyes from the mess. Picking up the pace, as I suspected, alleviated some of the pain I was experiencing in my knee and legs. Reminder: slow can mean more pounding on the rig; quicker can mean lighter and more fluid, i.e., easier on the rig. Anyways, I made it back alive. Over two hours without any hydration or gels, etc., which is going to change on these longer runs. Today I'm afraid my chronic dehydration merged with my acute dehydration. Not a pretty site all the way around.

Got home and stretched and then went off to my. . . physical! And that's the other reason I was feeling my age today. I think that's been stressing me out a bit. I turn 40 next Dec.; I'm getting old. You know the health concerns that accompany that process. Cancer runs pretty solid in the family. I have a thyroid issue. Bloodwork, etc. etc. Last week I recall my resting HR being very low 50s high 40s. I've been feeling good. Sure at the physical I was post run, but my pulse was 76. The moral of the story is I had a bad day. I stretched and iced and I'll do both again later after my spinach feast. I have to get serious. My life is on the line.

Update: Lucho explained a lot of today's misery. But I'm still getting old.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Friday thru Monday - 9 miles

I ended last week with 50 miles. I did 9 miles on Friday and then went out of town. The running just didn't happen. The pictures tell some of the story. My wife's sister had a little boy, Tommy, and he actually had a little health issue, so we were all quite concerned, which is actually why Ang, Jack and I made the trip. This weekend was Ang and my 5th wedding anniversary; we quickly re-prioritized with the little one in difficulty. He's back at home now with his mama and all seems to be well. The whole thing blows my mind. I remember when Jack was so tiny and seemingly so vulnerable. More often than not, they find their way, survive and live to tell about it. Sorry, but that sounds like a big Fing trail run where direction, hydration and survival come into question. Where's my program!

Actually, 50 miles is okay. Thinking I had 50 by Friday with the weekend to throw down, I'm a little disappointed. But look around. Athletes everywhere have the same feelings and thoughts and follow very similar paths with little detriment. I went 60 and 50 the last two weeks so a little break isn't that bad a call. Besides, family will always take precedent. . . I think; I'm kidding. We had a ball. We actually got back to base on Saturday night, but had a 4 year-old birthday to attend on Sunday and then time and space became food and drink. I've been off and my wife is off on Monday's, so we cleaned around the house and went to the Ruben H. Fleet Space Center for some science and an IMax film with Jack - If we're off, he's off.

I think the rest is fine. As long as I take advantage of the recovery. I need to nail some big runs with some big climbs this week. Let's just all hope for that. As for the community. My god, JW is blowing up. So is ChuckieV. And, as always, Lucho is enabling. GZ is getting healthy, Kerrie just Fing rocks, and Beth is running a 21k in the dirty south next weekend, I think. Anticipate more great stuff from AC and Gordo and I suppose I should also say that this guy is probably going to win the Western States race in about three weeks.

Oh yeah, I was going to say that despite my not running this weekend I managed to get a little work done. I did a little water running and got a fine reflexology massage. I've had a few of these, have always loved my "feet tickled" and made sure the masseuse knew all of this. She was a young gal which worried me. But she rocked. She said my lungs and kidneys were a little sensitive - the points on the map she referred to were actually my thyroid and trapezius. I have a minor thyroid issue, so that makes sense, but the trapezius is ????. I've been asthmatic all my life so all in all she was more or less on the money, but I can see and feel the work was very telling and effective.

I'm rested, heavier, massaged, and ready for some mileage.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday - 8 miles

A little lazy and hungry. When I finally hit the run it was heavy. Avg. HR 138, 8:20 pace. I couldn't get my HR up. I felt the fitness and I was tired. But I got it in. The HR feedback has been good for me though most runners might suggest I'm a sluggggg.

My sister-in-law had a baby yesterday so we're on our way to see the new boy, Tommy. Should be a good time with the little one. I should have 50 miles by tomorrow with the weekend to contend with. The weather ought to be a factor: we're going to Palm Springs, CA.

Cheerio.. .

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday - 21+ miles

a.m. 15.65 miles at Penasquitos Canyon. Avg. HR 146, 1600+ ft. climbing. I broke the run into a couple parts. The first 11 miles I tried to sustain a true steady state, basically push the HR to 150 or even a little above. Most of the run was done at 7:30-40ish pace. For the 11 miles I avg. 8:00 pace and the accompanying avg. HR above is very nice. I could have easily gone faster, so this is, for me, a little break-through. The weather played a huge factor. It stayed very cool, some of that June gloom we're used to around here. I ran about another 5 miles, which included more climbs at a good, respectable pace. A great work-out.

p.m. 5.5 miles. Felt pretty good, but I just cruised and definitely felt the earlier work-out. I ate much better between work-outs and stretched. All in all, a big day. Stoked.

I'll try to write later about some of the things I've read and think about in terms of progressing as a runner and how volume/frequency are so integral in that process. There were a few times today where I felt a little bliss. Part of that was the weather, which was epic. Part of it was the affects of running in general. And part was the sheer volume and frequency I've adopted. The depletion was cathartic. I know I'm not quite ready for 30+ miles of trails in one day, but that day is coming. . .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday - 4 miles

Because of our intensified/continuing energy crisis, I needed to get our third car running, so that we could put our Honda SUV in the garage and rely on our ole PT Cruiser and my "beater" to handle our automobile transportation. I put a new battery in the "beater," bought some cheap new tires and got it washed. Amazing. It looks like a million bucks. I paid three grand for it almost 3 years ago. I may need a new transmission soon, but even various mechanics have told me to hang on to it since it's in such good condition. This is what I'll use to drive my kid to and from school; but I'll bike to work (at least 2 days a week!). Unfortunately, I can't walk Jack to school. My wife and I are pretty committed to acting as responsibly as we can. Next revision concerns our cell phone contract.

So getting the Volvo running and gunning took most of the day. I made it to the gym later and spun on the bike for 35 minutes and ran 4 miles. Better than nothing. Tomorrow it's time to inov-8!

Felt some of the lifting I did yesterday. My calves and plantar fascia feel good, but my right hip flexor is a little sore. Hopefully the roller will take care of that. . .

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday - 8 miles

Avg. HR 142. I didn't think I would run today, but it found me. Everything was easy and I took it easy, but I felt very good, so signs point to another big week mileage-wise. I want to make sure I keep the HR low most of the time. The trails will get it up but I still need to keep things in check. August looks like a 50k either in SLO or Malibu. Still that's a long way off, so anything can happen, but this just means that I keep most of my training in steady state. Again, training on trails takes care of some of the high HR zones, so things aren't completely compartmentalized. In the end it's all about fat oxidation guy who can go nuts every once in a while, who will be born and raised in the TRAIL MIX.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday - 7 miles . . . 60 miles

Avg. HR 145, a little climbing and all in all pretty tough. I logged 60 miles this week and took 2 days off. I knew I was 7 miles short, so I wanted to get that in, which added to the toughness. If I had run this morning, I would have run 10 miles on the grass and dirt and would have been stoked. Instead, logistics (with my life and the Rock n' Roll Marathon) encouraged a late afternoon run. Not exceptional. Diet came into play again. Dinner and breakfast were affected by what's in the picture: tomatillos, tomatoes, jalapenos and some red peppers on the stove. I like to eat what I like to eat. I just have to manage my business a little more intelligently. The run was okay (the numbers betrayed the PE) but afterwards (after hydrating and watching my kid play around at the park) I felt like a million bucks. I look at it as if I'm wearing weights while I run. It's tough, but the results are in line with the goals. Speaking of diet, check-out what AC is saying and is going to say about fat oxidation. The conclusion(s) is/are fairly simple, but having a sports scientist break it down is great reading especially when it considers the context - endurance sports.

So, 60 miles are in the tank. I think I feel/can tap these down the line at some point. I'm going to keep building base, but I need to integrate the bike. How this affects my run mileage, we'll see. Like I said, I have to work on managing "the business:" make good short-term decisions that are aligned with my long-term goals. Is 60 miles feasible? Great question. I think yes especially if I use all seven days and especially if I can reel off a 20+ days here and there. But I need to mix it up, define my TRAIL MIX.

Chillin like a villain