Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Era

I am an avid blogger, er, I mean blog reader. Although I started a blog almost two years ago, I've been drawn to reading others' musings instead of recording my own. It's time to commit to my joining (consistently) the "conversations," becoming a more valuable contributor to the Text.

It's a new year, so this declaration sounds a lot like a resolution of sorts, but there are other more significant variables at play - I can only presume to have the faintest idea how they will converge to propel me into an exciting stage of my athletic/personal/professional lives.

I am a week away from my first trail run, the Boney Mountain 21k up near Oxnard, CA. I have big plans for 2008 as it relates to trail running - more on that as it unfolds. I am committing to the SoCal Xterra Trail Running Series, so initially I was planning the local Mission Gorge 15k (see link) in early February. However, the Xduro series begins this year, which concerns longer trail runs (21k). Boney Mountain's 21k is part of that series and though a little early training-wise, I'm a groveler, so I've thrown together some training and figure I'll just "check it out," finish, have a great training day for Mission Gorge, and hopefully have a blast!

So, this is a new blog. I'm in a better place to construct what I feel is a better representation of what I'm trying to do - with out a doubt I can be classified as a late bloomer. So, here's a newer attempt at creating a better, more consistent ethos, one that others might find a little more readable.

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  1. The new Xduro series sounds killer. I am definitely going to try to fit one somewhere. Good luck at Bonney Mtn... it's going to be BRUTAL!!!!