Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Eve

Tomorrow is Super Bowl XLII. It's also the Mission Gorge trail race, a 15k that ought to wake us runner's from our early morning drowsiness and get us ready for a nice relaxing day of chili, cold beverage and (hopefully) a watchable football game. For the record, I think the Giants will win.

I don't have the same anxiety today that I had before Boney Mountain. I think the name says it all along with this. Knowing I had a big day of climbing, and the mileage involved (and the training I'd done), and the drive at 4:30 am to get there, I had a little more on my mind. I want tomorrow simply to stay dry enough for us to have a blast and get a chance to hang-out afterwards and soak it in, not soak in it.

The Garmin will be out in force tomorrow hopefully helping gather some data I can use to get ready for some races this spring. This has been an odd training period leading up to the race mid-January and tomorrow's 15k. If you've been reading this brand spanking new blog, you know that I'm throwing myself at the trail. Because I am coming-off a year-long injury to the hip (I'm still not sure what the diagnosis was/is - I had everything from ITB to a lot of tightness. I had an x-ray done. The report reads early formation of an osteophyte - bone spur - but the orthopedic said I'm perfectly fine), the training has been unstructured for sure. I've just been excited to get back to training/running, so this fall/winter has seen me not fully committed to "base" work, but simply working-out, though I definitely wasn't hitting the track. To then get myself in shape to run these early season trail runs has been a little frantic. Keep in mind, I did not know how frantic it was at the time. I've thrown-in some tempo work, etc. To make a long story short, my HR is not where it needs to be. So, I'm gathering data, might get professionally tested, and look to ramp-up more efficiently this spring. There's lots of racing latter in the season. Check this out.

I'm looking forward to my first acupuncture in a couple of weeks. The gal doing it is an ultra-runner/triathlete, which ought to suit my goals just fine. Is ultra my goal? Maybe. It all depends on my body. If the hip can hang, turns-out to be no big deal, then I will climb the sky.
I'm experimenting with some bone food and trying to lose more weight. Clearly, I'm going to pay close attention to my body as another way to make me more efficient and fast and healthy.

I'll end with my feet. I love my feet. I just replaced the Adidas sandals I lost this summer. I had them for a couple of years and they rule. I remember the Adidas sandal from my soccer days in high school and college. My feet will be grateful of the purchase. They're spoiled. You should hear me grill a spa's receptionist about the reflexology therapist's credentials!

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