Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The United States of Ass - Rant

My last post touched on some of the weaknesses of our culture. Let me say a few more things about this with an important concession. We call this complicating matters.

This (USA) is the best country in the world. This could sound really trite, simplistic, and insensitive (among other things). But it's true. I work in a profession (higher education) that has its big-time liberal tendencies. Believe me. And we have certain representatives of those liberal politics throughout our media saturated culture that give good voice to consistent cultural critique (sure, conservative folk criticize our American ways, as well, but I'm just stating the obvious about the American Left and it's historical criticism of various American industries, politics, etc.).

Despite all of that, this is a true land of opportunity. To deny this is idiotic. People still come from all over the world to build a new life, a better life than the one they had in whatever country from which they traveled. No denying this. Anyone I've asked (in higher ed., I come across A LOT of immigrants) says this is a great country. No question. End of story. We need to always remember this.

We need to remember this despite the fucking horrid political correctness deacons that would have us subdue our reasonable criticisms of other cultures' gross incivility. We have our corruption, our greed, our histories of racism and discrimination. But we, from my little hole in the ground, can be quite rational, civil and altruistic. Our military branches are great examples of this. I am more and more impressed by the students I have who serve. Their maturity is real and their sense of right and wrong steadfast. They best represent this country.

Unfortunately our pop culture gets all (most) of the headlines. We're better known for our Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian.

I think Kim Kardashian is the most disturbing. . . I don't even know what to call it.
The I hate Kim Kardashian sites are out in numbers. Please visit one/them to vote? No, that doesn't sound right. Don't visit them. Don't even look at her. Never say her name.
What is she? Why is she?

This, unfortunately, is not what we see. We just see her fat ass and bleached skin.

Please go away.

Now that Le Tour is over, I don't have much to watch on TV, so maybe I'll go away.

Like my friend Tim, who has recently admitted that what he likes most of all about ultras is running at night because he feels more cut-off from the world than at any other time, I suppose I need to engage my running appetite.

I will, but I did hear back from the doctor today about my foot x-rays. No fracture, which sounds right, but a lot of swelling in the something plantar metatarsal area; and something about degenerative bone, which just means I'm getting old. I have been having pain across the top of my left foot, but I guess the swelling, the sprain, is in the plantar and the pain is just resonating to the top?

She recommends 2 weeks off. Nothing on the foot. And then back at it slowly. I have been dealing with this injury for 8-9 months. Have taken time off, but never completely. I will blog more about this because I had some other weird foot issues this past 8-9 months, so now it's kinda making some sense. Somewhere in there. . . Yo, Feet!

I have to keep lifting (loving that, thanks Lucho) and need to get my diet under control.
Holy shit.

I feel like Kim Kardashian's ass.

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