Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/8 to 9/14 total: The Broncos are Goons. . ..Er . . . Lucky!!!!

Monday: I hit the gym because someone dragged me there. I hit the bike and the stair-stepper only because I had to. 1 hour. Nice and easy.

Tuesday: Nada.

Wednesday: I hit the gym again and did around 8 miles and lifted. I am buff. Actually, I'm fat. But the mind can be a beautiful thing, especially when it pictures a beautiful body!

Thursday: Another 8-10 miles. Elliptical and treadmill. Nice and easy. But I sweat like a pig. I'm not sure what's going on: since becoming the running beast that I'm becoming, I stink and sweat a LOT. I'm about to take JW up on his suggestion to purchase some of those stuffits. I stink.

Friday: 15 miles. Ten mile tempo run that kicked my ass. No HRM, no watch, no nothing. 5 miles at the gym in the afternoon. A two a day? Watch out, GZ!

Saturday: Nada.

Sunday: 20 miles. I ran with some ultra folk through Noble Canyon, along the PCT for a little stretch and finished things up on the Big Laguna trail. The Garmin charted the run between 4000 and 6000ft. elevation. We went up over 4500ft. It was fantastic! Last week was the best trail run ever. It got run-over by this run. I have some insight now. I have some loops to jump through whenever my heart desires. Absolutely the stuff.

My fellow Hobbits had everything dialed-in. We had a car parked at the 10 mile mark (baked potatoes w/kosher salt, pretzels, fruit and all the fitness nutrition refills, etc.). Wow. I was actually kinda eager to hit the trail. But the food, drink was solid. Then there was a cooler stashed a mile 15. More cold drink. Nice.

The final 3 miles were tough in that my feet were pretty sore, not to mention my quads were pretty toast. Besides that, I had had enough of this 20 miles.

The only draw-back was that I wanted to fly!! My peeps were tapering? a little worked from the day before? There was some hiking going on. I am climbing well, feeling pretty good on the trails. However, I'll take the comraderie and soul (friendship is underrated!). I just need to get out there and push myself. I have found the gear. I can climb almost anything. Anything. I feel strong. Jeremy tells me "you need to race, man." It's coming.

First race of the fall looks like this.

Then, it might be aloha. But I'll confirm that later.


  1. SOLID WEEK. Very solid. Impressive with the 20 miler.

    Climb anything, eh? Now that is what I am talking about. Make your reservations for next August.

  2. I really hope that's the case. I would love to visit you all sooner, but August may just be it.
    I'm starting the campaign now.

    You the man.

  3. Homework reading ... (if you want) ...