Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Football

Yeah, my friend got me a couple of tickets so I was there. And we kicked their ass.
The first score of the game was in our face. We had field level seats in the corner of the end zone. A Jet DB took an errant Rivers pass to the house and it was 0 - 7. Then it was all Chargers. Between watching and waiting in line for BEER, I witnessed a true romp. It was great. My wife and I went with my buddy and HIS NEW FIANCE. He popped the question before the game. We were all stoked!!! We sat in the seats of his fiance's friend's seats who's a Charger Girl. Yeah. And there she was in the 3rd quarter looking at us struttin' her shizzle. Great stuff. We spanked the Jets. JW, I wish you were there!


  1. james is going to be jealous!!!

    great running lately by the way...

  2. I am jealous! It was a killer game and I was glued to the tube! so stoked... the only plus to watching it t home is that I don't have to wait in long lines for my beer... or to use the can!