Friday, February 27, 2009

Controlled Chaos

Wow. Looking back, it will be interesting to read this journal that more or less describes what was happening in my training life. This past month has been a disaster short-term, but long-term the situation might prove beneficial.

Training-wise, I only got two weeks of solid training per my coached program, felt great, but then health issues really took over. Starting with Jack's latest bout with asthma, the family has been dealing with a virus (the latest version consists of a headache, sore throat and major eye buggers). The doctor looks at us all and just says, "it's a virus." Either way, it's been a drag. To make a long, bad story short I'm starting over, reconsidering the coaching situation, the training and certainly the race schedule.

My wife is studying for a huge test she takes in May. What was I thinking with such an aggressive race schedule this spring? Well, I was and am motivated. But now my racing doesn't even start until after May. I feel much better just supporting her, trying to get healthy and looking at a solid season which we know is long and hot with a little cool-whip at the end.

So, right now I've got a 50k in August that is certainly big and a XC race series that starts in Aug., runs locally and makes for a huge goal -- just to be fit and ready for that kind of work. I will find some early/mid summer races to do, but for me it's going to consist of training and getting ready for the fall/winter which is loaded with events.

Speaking of, I did get to attend a local cycling event last weekend. Thanks to my brother for setting that up: VIP access to Landis' OUCH team tent.

Soft porn!

Super Dog.


  1. 50K! Okay - let's hear the reconsideration?

    ... Leadville is still open. ;P

    Get better man ... the journey keeps on rolling.

  2. which 50k? Pikes is in August!

    Just keep it up man and be happy... baseball season is just around the corner. I am loving spring training!