Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saturday and Sunday (the beg. of February)

Well, the weekend was fairly solid. On Saturday I did a 1 hour spin (steady) and then some core work. On Sunday I went 1:30 with Tom and JW. Started an hour before the actual Mission Gorge Xterra race, so we had it to ourselves, which means I was assured a podium finish :-)

The profile doesn't do it justice. There are some gnarly grades even GZ would appreciate. So, great time on the course with couple of friends and then the super bowl.

Homemade beet and sweet potato chips

Colorful freshness

and . . my homemade salsa (very healthy!)

The only bummer (i wouldn't admit this but that this is journalishness), I hit a little rock on the trail Sunday --I think in the middle of JW explaining how his foot has finally healed. Not bad, but I felt it. Showered and dressed later I was getting ready to get game ready when I heard Tom mention he'd done a little icing in with his dixie cup method. I don't ice, but thought "yeah, I better, sounds smart." So I grab one of those blue gel ice bags from my freezer put it where I was sitting folding clothes, hit it for 10 minutes and that was it. So, hours later, no pain from the rock, but I had a little ice burn on the foot (so, yeah, no towel around the ice). Anyways, affected Monday's work=out and likely today's. It's okay, I got in 1:10 aerobic training with a little running, today run on the beach, Wed. off, and Thursday go pretty big. That's the program, i just follow directions.

I'm going to do a bunch of core work today! (since I just wrote that down, it assures I'll do it. . .I mean it's going to be killer!)

Speaking of ice, there was a cooler on the porch Sunday with a bunch of very yummy refreshments. This weather is ridiculous. Epic trail runs and good food and drink with friends.


  1. dude ... that ain't a grade, that is a CLIFF.

  2. good times on sunday dude... solid run.

    the food looks killer. how did you make the chips?

    trails and ales soon.