Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 4/20 thru 4/26

4/20 Monday

30 minutes run, 20 minutes spin.

4/21 Tuesday

50 minutes around the campus. Ran from the parking structure to the track, 3 miles and then the remainder around the neighborhood. The street was hard and the sun hot. Dressed and carried on. . . .felt sore but good overall.

4/22 Wednesday

Off (even though this is a very busy day so it’s tough to get in a w/o anyway, I remember Trevor insisting I take a full day off!) It’s key.

4/23 Thursday

Gym. 40 minute run, 20 minute spin, 10 min row machine. I like the row machine, the fluidity of it, working the legs (gently), and some upper-body/core/back. Plus, if you kinda hammer, it’s a work-out.

4/24 Friday

35 minutes of jump-roping. I refused to go to the gym today and do the treadmill and hang with all of those stinky dogs and watch TV. I just wasn’t feeling the gym at all. The jump-roping I think is similar to the barefoot run, the vibram 5 finger gimmick, etc. I jump in very light racing flats so it’s a good lower leg work-out. 35 minutes seemed cake. I could’ve/should’ve gone on, but it’s Friday and I’m ready for a little chillaxing.

4/25 Saturday

1:40 run (12 miles). I’m actually surprised I ran that far. I just cruised and I mean like beach cruiser cruised. I walked at the turn around, stopped for a drink/gu, etc.

This run hurt, joint-wise. And I felt like I was going to fall asleep up until the final 10 minutes when I felt like a million bucks. I had no coffee before the run. I can’t do that. I need Redbull or coffee to jumpstart the system. Since these early morning runs are new to me, my system is just not up. And I awoke at 3:30am grabbed my stuff, went downstairs, saw the clock, and went back to bed. I’m psyched for these morning runs, but I need coffee.

I can’t wait for these to be stronger, and faster. I can’t wait.

4/26 Sunday

1:40 at the gym. Run for 40 minutes, spin for 30 and run for another 30. Solid.

290 minutes of running
115 minutes of spinning/other aerobic training

Looks very similar to last week number wise, but the work-outs I think continue to gain quality. And at least I'm establishing some consistency.

I do need to comment on some of the soreness. Since I've had a little hip/ITB issue in the past, I'm a little warry of that kind of pain. I was sore on a few of these runs (the 50 min. thru the streets and the 1:40 through the streets). These are hard surface runs that absolutely pain me to think about. I was really sore during the long run Saturday. BUT, my body feels great now. The soreness is in all the right places and I can just tell I'm starting to come back around. I will never take so much time off, let myself go like that. It feels so good to be feeling good.

And I have to say, the early morning work-out is the key. . .it's THE SECRET.

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  1. glad to see you getting back at it. Yah - as it gets hotter ... the AM is a lot better to get ir done.