Sunday, April 5, 2009

3/30 to 4/5

Monday 3/30
45 min. run around the hilly neighborhood.
Later hit the gym and ran another 30 min., spin for 20 min.

Tuesday 3/31
a.m. 45 min. run at the gym. Max hr 147.
p.m. 45 min run, rolling.

Wed. 4/1
p.m. 35 min. run, 20 min. spin

Thursday 4/2
Off . . . .taxes

Friday 4/3
p.m. 1:00 run.
30 min. EZ, 30 min. steady, over my HR cap. Felt like crap. . . because of lunch (too much fiber . . .again, reason to run in the a.m.)

Saturday 4/4
1 hr. hike/trail run with family.

Sunday 4/5
a.m. 1:00 run. 30 min. EZ, 30 min. steady. Felt great.
p.m. 1 hr. hike/trail run w/Jack (my 5 year-old). Great experience for him and great setting. Garmined it: ~1 mile loop. We did it twice with a little additional climb to sit on a log and look at the ocean. ~650ft. of climbing. What a blast.

Highlight of the run: Jack repeating, as if to himself, “don’t stop running” as we’re running a trail. And at one point I say, should we rest? “No, Dad: I’m resty.” He was drawn to the little bit of rock climbing that was available (yikes.)

Week total: ~7 hours of running + some spinning. Pretty good. The running needs to get “harder” and the core work tougher, more often.

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