Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm at 26 with about 34 to go.

A big ride scheduled for tomorrow followed by a run and a BIG weekend of running.

This kinda looks like a graph of my week, the peaks indicating some kind of stressor!

Actually, it's a preamble of the next week's (hopefully) total mayhem.

Last week was my first 50 and this week should be 60+. The fatigue that set-in on Monday of this week was hilarious. I knew what it was. Popped out of it today. Let's do this!

A little Chuckie V for the mojo:

"Not only is 'intensity' a relative term (for example, one can train intensely long or, and this is perhaps a better example, one man's intensity may be another man's yawn) but it is also vital to understand that, no matter how high or low we live or train, we, as [mountain runners], are ENDURANCE athletes. Our training must therefore be geared toward training our endurance, not our short-term capacity. Training intensely, despite all its merit to scientists, is secondary to building a motor (and chassis) that can last. Training intensely can help with this, of course, but first comes basic endurance (i.e., the ability to endure). Long and strong baby!"


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