Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bump in the Slow Road

I'm thinking about a new direction for the blog, based around some lofty goals, but the mojo got jacked by a little injury. Anyone reading this feel free to lob me a couple of thoughts on shin splints. It's in my lower left leg and that little groove between the bone and muscle (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?) is super sensitive. I've pretty much shut things down on the running or cycling. I'm not too excited about even doing a lot of walking since I do not want to aggravate and allow this thing to hang around. Only hurts when I run and kinda goes away. . .but returns.

Fire away.


  1. For what it is worth, I once got through these by doing many calf raises on the stairs. Two legged, single legged. I have no idea why it worked but it did.

  2. Makes sense, the "literature" suggests such things along with ice and rest. Thanks.

  3. how old are your running shoes? might just need a new pair.
    i have a heavy pair (asics 2140) and a lighter pair (asics ds trainer). if i run too much in the heavier ones, i get a similar shin/ calf thing....

  4. Anon,
    cheers. I think you're right and I did just buy a new pair for the road.
    I'm thinking I'll write the date on the new ones so I'll have some idea when I bought them. My old ones "look" okay but I think they're "old."

    Are your heavier shoes old? Why do they give you trouble and not the lighter ones? Seems backwards.

    Thanks again.

  5. Matt,
    i was prev anon...following your blog via lucho. I do the date marking on the shoe as well.
    for me the heavier shoes feel good on my hips, tougher on calves. the lighter ones feel great on calves, but hip/ glut start to hurt, so i feel great by rotating--> heavier ones probably have too much pronation control (or whatever they call it), esp when they get older as the outside breaks down quicker than the stiffer part under the arch. lighter ones are lower to the ground, so it is easier for me to actually achieve some semblance on a midfoot strike, which might be why it is easier on the calves/ shins