Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 Pikes Peak/Leadville and Commentary

Over at Inside Trail.

On a more personal front, two days in a row of steep trail. The foot feels good.
I'm looking forward to this, getting back on my feet and writing more about "the beat."

Fwiw, I've been enjoying a lot of killer Belgian beers. Great summer refreshments!


  1. Really liking Inside Trail - great stuff!
    But, even better, is that you're hitting the steep stuff fueled by the Belgian ale. It's the combination of those 2 things that will make IT even better!
    Rick Merriman

  2. Cheers, Rick the anonymous mountain killer!

    I balance steeper stuff (trail and pricier belgians) with flatter stuff (trail and 2.99 sixers of lager). You need balance!