Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inside Trail is Online

Trail and mountain running have been around for years, flourishing across the globe in so much uniqueness and tradition, in so many different climates and elevations, distances and purpose, among so many different people . At Inside Trail the plan is to curate the mountain/trail exhibition in a very committed way that speaks to the passion we both have for the sport and its humanity. First and foremost, this passion insists that the rest of the crazed dirty rockers out there share in this passion. This sport deserves a lot more exposure (news coverage, insight, etc.) and we know you all have a lot to say.

We will provide as much exposure to this world of trail and mountain running as possible, via athlete interviews, race previews and reports, commentary, gear reviews, and so on. What else will we include at Inside Trail? You tell us. For this to be truly cutting-edge (which is clearly the goal) and innovative, we need feedback from any and all readers out there. Starting now. Speak your mind. If you think you might ruffle our feathers, come across as a bit too out-spoken, then you need to get to know us. Keep visiting and reading. We have a lot to say, and sometimes we might say too much (oops!).

Either way, we take this sport and the lifestyle VERY seriously. We hope you enjoy.

Of course, this ( will remain my personal blog, which I will continue to use for more personal stuff. I will always direct people (the 1 or 2 readers I get) to Inside Trail for "the news," the work we're doing to provide readers with all things trail and mountain and ultra running.

We have posted a great and rare interview with French mountain/ultra runner Julien Chorier. Check-out his account of the madness at HR100 where he pulled-off a truly impressive win in historically brutal conditions.

Stay-tuned for tomorrow's Sierre-Zinal post. This European mountain running classic goes off August 14 (this weekend). That post will be followed by an interview with Nick Clark, whose trail and mountain podium grit is becoming the gold of our own market exchange. He's in-route to Europe as we speak to run SZ and then the UTMB. You don't want to miss that.

Next week we will have previews of Pikes Peak, Leadville and UTMB, but given the trail obsession running amok over here, we will almost certainly be digging-up other dirty goods to share. Please keep in mind that these posts are not the results of one's cutting and pasting from various race websites. It involves a bit more than that.

Inside Trail. Read. On.


  1. What will you do that doesn't already do? Why do we need both? seems to have this handled.

    Dave T.

  2. Dave-
    Thanks for the question/comment.
    For starters, he can't handle the global breadth of trail/mountain running on his own. There are even races more "locally" that he doesn't have the resources to cover. That's a fact. So look for a broader/different scope of coverage. Will we cover some of the same events? Absolutely. That's the nature of business. I hope you can appreciate the differences and see that, almost certainly, your/our perception of this world will be enhanced. Secondly, and more importantly, we're going to do our best to offer more insight/commentary on the world of off-road running. The coverage that does exist lacks this sort of discourse (informed opinion about races, athletes, international competition, etc.) Lastly, please follow along so you can see the other elements of this project we have planned that will make Inside Trail unique. This is just the beginning and, in sum, it's quite different from what irunfar is doing.

    Is there anything you would like to see that isn't provided anywhere else? Or is provided, but not to the extent that you would like?

    All feedback is priceless.
    Thanks again, Dave.

  3. Thanks so much Matt

    Your serious and thoughtful response ensures that I will be an eager follower of Inside Trail. I can now clearly see the niche you are trying to fill. And come to think of it i would love to see more coverage of mountain/trail runs that follow below the ultra distance. Perhaps coverage like we see from Mud, Sweat and Tears in the UK (

    Thanks for moving forward with this and, again, for your response.



    P.S. I hope my first post did not come across too testy. I wrote it in haste and am a huge fan of Byron and

  4. Matt

    Glad I knew you when you were just a feet of a lifetime. ;)


  5. You should have a forum where I, uh, I mean anyone who wants to, can rip others anonymously like on

  6. You're doomed anonymously cuz you have such a distinctive sledgehammer. Just let her rip.