Friday, September 9, 2011

Inside Trailing and Trailing

Check-out IT for a steady stream of trail news.

I have been getting after it on the trail, like an old man.
It's a slow go, but it's great to be out and about.

My recovery is just as keen: Birkenstocks, baby.

Barefooting is a young man's game. See you on the trail!


  1. My feet are too scarred for barefoot.

  2. What happend to InsideTrail?

  3. What happened to your commentary on IT ? ... did you retract it ? ... it made some people sour, but others thought it was dead on. I think it was legit and a great pity if you chickened out.

  4. We're literally giving readers a breather. Seemed too much. Was taking away from Tim's great interview. The Commentary isn't going anywhere. Glad you like it.

  5. Matt,
    I think it is just a matter of time till ultra trails become main-stream. Marathon runners in the 50's were also just a bunch of freaks. So the commentary like yours will be a daily business one day. Perhaps you are making history without knowing it yet. The more we talk about the "elites" the better for the sport, for the sponsors, for rookies ... for everybody. Pseudo-discussions when everybody is petting each others back fade out quickly, you really do not learn anything, and it is not even entertaining anymore. I am not a fan of the future, but I accept it's inevitable. There is few other sites/blogs/magazines which talk/write about ultra ... and I think they try their best, but after you read or listen to it for a year then all the interviews, all product reviews, all race coverages are very predictable. Only names and faces change from time to time. You started differently, and in my opinion filled just a big void. You will need some patience and persistence to convince people that as much critical as you can be you can also praise and recognize unique characters, extraordinary performances, and the spirit of the sport. But unlike in the real race, time is on your side.

    with respect

  6. Good stuff, Mannimschatten. I agree.

  7. Mannimschatten,
    Didn't know that was you, Vlad. Really like the support and the values emanating from your comments. As people will see, we're (mainly me at this point) not trying to beat people up. Just asking questions. Hopefully they're thoughtful and relevant. Some of my comments toward Geoff were off; I admit that.

    But the overall spirit has been and will continue to be the type that you've characterized so well in your comments all over the place.

  8. Matt, I apologize for using two ID's it usually depends on the requirements for posting comments, and sometimes I just skip that or forget. Certainly not intentional. Please, keep doing what you are doing, adjust a bit, learn, experiment, but if you really love the sport I can't imagine how you could cause any harm. Vlad.