Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Core Work

Just a quick note to self/blog.

Monday off

Tuesday: 35 min aerobic running, core work, 20 min aerobic Running.

The core work so far is a mixture of Tim's psoas routine, the plank, basic crunches, and some (but not enough!) of the work-outs GZ has posted about recently.

I have to nail this stuff. I have to nail this stuff. If I can drop 12 pounds and come off with a strong running core . . .I will really kick your ass. I'm having fun figuring out tolerable routines (since that's what's kept me from hitting this stuff). I worked-out with my wife the other day, and her core work (strength) was ridiculous. Years of yoga will do that. She kicks ass!

Another resolution that's already started: my heightened commitment to really really hard rock ala B(ring) Y(our) O(wn) B(omb)!

Life is short and we know that evil and fear stalk[s] the land. . .(Great blog title) . . .

Enjoy the holidays.

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  1. Thanks for reading Matt. I will be sure to check in here often!