Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  1. Up early! Coffee and work-out (maybe eat a bar)
  2. Post work-out: Protein w/fruits/veggies (eggs, etc) – If I have time.
    1. If I don’t have time (most likely the case), fruit/veggies/protein/supplements (blendered ???)
    2. Cereal/instant oatmeal with some turkey bacon

  3. Snacks include taro chips, nuts, apple/pear.
  4. Lunch – Make a salad or make a wrap: Turkey and veggies, or beans.
    1. Or LEFT-OVERS
  6. Work-out but have bars/recovery drinks planned!!!
  7. Salad with killer ingredients! and/or
    1. Fish
    2. Bean cheese and rice
    3. Home made soups
    4. Turkey burgers
    5. Pasta and veggies
  8. Bed by 10:00pm!

Where I'm at here is the difficulty I have with a good breakfast and good snacks. Most likely I'm in a hurry, especially if I work-out in the a.m. Getting Jack to school, myself to work, etc., adds that bit of stress.

I'm posting this so I can A) get a little feedback and/or B) have a link to it on my blog to keep tabs and make changes.


  1. Favorite hurry snack - breakfast is banana (or an apple) w/PB.

  2. i have plenty to say about food. I by no means think my diet is perfect but i have fouud some things that work for me.

    1. Up early - for it's usually just coffee and dry cereal before heading out.

    2. Post-workout. Definitely the most important. 95% of the time it's a recovery shake (homemade) or drink (hammer's recoverite is my favorite). I always make sure glutamine is in my recovery drink/shake. It's already in Recoverite and I add it to my homemade shakes. Homemade shake: unsweetened almond mike, protein powder, banana, pb.

    3. Snacks. nuts, jerky, bars, fruit, greek yogurt (fage), cottage cheese

    4. Lunch. make a good salad (or wrap) the night before. It takes 2 minutes if you have all the ingredients. some favoties ingredietns: chicken, fish, mixed greens, broc, feta, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomoatoes, avo. Make healty dressings.

    5. drink water. buy some sparkling water if it helps.

    6. early bed for sure. I am usually in bed between 9-10.

    these are just a couple of things. i could probably go on forever.

  3. JW, I know you have all kinds of ideas. These are great and I'll get more from you when we run. Thanks!