Friday, January 30, 2009

First week

First week (Monday thru Friday) of work (spring semester) and "work" (my 2009 training schedule via Trevor Glavin) is in the books. I hit every single work-out perfectly. I need to keep improving my core work (I'm doing it, but I know I can do it better more effectively, etc.). I did my run today on the mill since work and child care pretty much relegated "work" to that. I was super tired because I worked all day and stayed up until 3:30 last night watching some dudes "work." My wife said DVR the thing, but I watched most of the Nadal/Verdasco Aussie semi-final match. It was epic. I've stayed up for those in the past or woken-up at pre-dawn to watch a match and been disappointed. Not last night. Athletes "working." 5+ hours. That's a 50k. Ha ha ha.

So I was tired doing today's 45 minute easy run. Hit the treadmill and did 15% incline, sub 6min miles . . . ha ah ahdhaa. That's just a nod to GZ. But what picked-up my run? No it wasn't the Celtics v. Pistons. It was watching an indoor track meet being held in NYC. Watching Kara Goucher smoke the ladies in the mile got me going. Turned out to be a great run, great energy . . uh, mine that is. She did well too.

Now, inspired by the beer dude, I'm sipping a Firestone IPA with a Green Flash Imperial IPA waiting in the wings.

I have a bike ride tomorrow and a nice (big) trail run scheduled for the weekend. Life is good.

Go Federer. For those of you reading, stay-up and watch it live from Melbourne, sipping a pint.


  1. This guy is killing some treadmill stuff too.

  2. Yeah, looks like another young buck. To be 28 and into going long off road . . .