Monday, March 30, 2009

I did change the title . . .

it's time for recovery, having made the discovery.

I wrote this in March, last year:

"I'm pretty focused right now on aerobic running. Besides a good dose of chillerts with the family and friends, I've been very consistently running aerobically. It's a focus that seems to address so much of what might be possible in my life. I have to focus even more - visualizing a tiny pin point, or speck of sand - that kind of focus that EXPLODES with benefits and meaning, huge, maybe transcendent."

Last year was great. I learned a lot via Lucho and my own aerobic training. I'm in the same place (hopefully with a much bigger base to build on); I started the year with a more specific plan, even a coach, and proceeded to do too much too soon. I think. The stress of life got in the way a little, too. But I'm just not ready to go tempo, etc. I learned a lot from this plan/coach, too, but right now I am going to pile the aerobic miles upon aerobic miles. I will use some HRM and some PE. I will run "free" about once a week, or whenever I want since most of my work-outs will be aerobic. These runs feel good.

Last week I did a little 6 miler, about 8 min/mile and it was easy. These will be 10-12 milers in a month or two. Racing will be a piece of cake with that kind of engine. Summer = speedwork. Right now, like last year, it's about focusing on the consistency of running aerobically.


  1. Hey- I read this and thought of your question about cycling.. This is from an interview with Ed Moran- one of the top middle distance runners in the country:
    RW: What kind of cross-training are you doing?
    EM: Bike. I picked up a road bike about a year or a year and a half ago. I found that not only does it help when you’re injured to maintain your fitness but it helps you progress in your basic cardiovascular fitness. Even at my highest running mileage, I’m still biking three or four hours a week. I’ve found that structurally I can’t take the 90 to 100 mile weeks (of running) week in and week out. I need a day off every week and I need to keep that mileage in the 80 to 90 range if I’m really being aggressive, the bike’s just an easy way to get extra work in without pounding the legs.

  2. Quite a bit in Noakes' Lore of Running on x-training with a pair of wheels.

    I have found it ... interesting? scary? ... that when I go back and read my blog from a year ago, or others a couple years ago ... typically not much has really changed.

  3. Thanks, Lucho. I am spinning a lot but I need to hit the road/trail on the bike. It has to help! I am back in the fold, and it's great to read about what you're doing.

    GZ, we are what we are. If there was a drastic change ala Lucho w/ his awful "coach," something's amiss, seemingly.