Sunday, May 3, 2009

4/27 thru 5/3

Monday 4/27

40 min. run. EZ and a little sore I think from the weekend/week. I’ll survive.

Tuesday 4/28

1:20 trail run. Great run, but the climbing (and not that much) kinda beat me up. Plus I had in the back of my mind that I got the swine flu from one of the 100 or so students I face in the trenches each day.

The stress felt good. I knew Wednesday would be off so I knew I’d be recovering. I am not running with anything but a stop-watch right now. So I don’t know how far I ran, how much climbing, nor my HR. I just kept it steady. I was pretty beat and actually hiked a few of the last steep climbs. I am out of shape but am getting stronger.

The way I was climbing late summer fall on Laguna, Iron Mt., Vegas, etc., gives me plenty of reason to hoist a cold steep IPA after runs like this (after all the food and hydration!).

Wednesday 4/29


Thursday 4/30

1:05 easy and steady. Felt good. Recovery is discovery, ya’ll. Things are starting to go.

Friday 5/1

35 min. steady with about 10 minutes of 100yd. sprints on about 15 sec. rest on grass. I’m thinking about doing a little Tabata every once in a while. This was a lame attempt at that but I still got the turn-over going some.

35min. steady. Total: 1:10

Saturday 5/2

60 min. run, 30 min. spin. Nice and steady. Gassed.

Sunday 5/3

1:20 min run, with some hills. Got a little nauseas on one. I need to start working the hills.

395 minutes of running

A couple of "long runs" and the inclusion of some strides. My "base" is still coming along fine. I included about another 100 minutes of running this week and a couple work-outs that left me pretty wiped. Good.

I need: 1) more long runs 2) longer long runs 3) more grass sprints/strides and definitely 4) more hills!

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  1. good stuff man... i'd like to hear a more a bout the IPA's you've been knocking.

    i am so behind on my beer blog... have had so many good beers i don't know where to start... but i highly suggest getting you hands on some of Moylans Triple IPA... so good!