Sunday, June 28, 2009

A pain in the neck

Woke-up with a sore neck and shoulder from poor bed positioning. I looked at my training log, at the Sunday field. It's empty. I looked at last week's: "Sunday: Off." Hmmmmm. It's a pattern. Actually, I need to get-in a big run on Sundays or a big bike. I have to. Right now, I'm doing about 7-10 hours of "work" a week. I'm certainly not killing myself; after all, I'm fairly aerobic and we all know that's pretty weak (sarcasm). GZ is killing it. That guy is just good apples. I finished my growler of Green Flash Imperial (as I type) so the neck pain is diminishing and my hike is getting itself together (along with t-shirts that say, "I'm a pussy").

The other thing that happens when you're a good reader is you can turn, sniff and literally catch the theme/moral/argument of a "story" tracking humanity. I can only share a bit of it here, now ;D

I certainly don't want to even hint that this blog should provoke heated debate/ Period. Such debate falls victim to meager research and flawed personal perspective. The blog is just me "saying shit." And there's a lot of shit out there.

"Politicians, pundits, and financiers defend deepening our national debt to bail out the institutions of a failed Wall Street system. But this system, built on speculation and the rule of money, is undermining the health of the planet and the well-being of all but the wealthiest few." She's okay for much of that but for the total dismissal of our current system. So, that qualification aside, boom.

"We're told we need Wall Street in order to finance business. But Wall Street has quit serving the real economy and has morphed into a global casino, creating exotic and toxic packages of 'assets' that have no function but to make money for the already wealthy." Ouch. She nailed it. Oh, she didn't? Shut-up.

There's a lot of shit out there, and van Gelder is just one of many calling it like she sees it. She's off? Of course she is.

S. van Gelder, on the whole, is positioning her magazine, Yes!, for theme essentially granting us the possibility of local and therefore future global sustainability. I annotated in the table of contents, near the titles of pieces both about water rights and growing local: Food and water.

It's on. Fuel and hydration.

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