Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Well, things are just sorta rolling along. Summer school started last week so it's good to be working. Let me repeat: it's great to be working! The trip to Tahoe was really really good. I ran a little on the TRT (6 miles, 1500 ft. of climbing and freaking gorgeous! Sorry no pics . . . I don't take my camera generally when i exercise, so you see one of the many reasons i'm not the top-drawer blogger), cycled along Hwys 28, 89, and 267 (again, very nice, from rolling terrain, to pretty big climbing.). We had piss poor weather for the first couple of days and then it got very nice though still somewhat cool. But like I said in my previous post about the trip, I was excited to kinda jump start my run/bike program. I think the bike will add more strength-work, help me burn more FAT, and keep things more interesting while keeping the HR in check. As for the run, I'm back to keeping the HR in check. Lucho's work is just too good. Sure he's been doing what he's doing for a long time, but developing such a solid aerobic system is my dream.

We took Hwy 1 all the way from San Francisco (I can't wait to run in Marin. . .this summer!) to San Luis Obispo. The C.coast is my favorite place in the world. Period. We stayed the first night in Half Moon Bay and then huffed and puffed are way home the next day. Long but splendid. We had amazing food and saw amazing coastline. We stopped for lunch at the Kevah Cafe where I'd been before. You order your food from this little hut and then grab a table on a deck that overlooks the Pacific from way up high (my header photo is looking out.). Kind of a signature place for Big Sur and the Central Coast. I will live there one day. I will live there one day.

Some pics:

Back in town, I'm still plugging away at the program. Running aerobically (although I will go harder if I hook-up with some folks and I met a bunch of cool ultra runners at a bbq last weekend. One guy, Matt Stone, turns 28 this Saturday 6/20. What's he doing? Running 28 hours straight, basically from Huntington Beach to SD. He's having a beer before he heads-out and will hopefully be able to have one when he finishes. That kinda the attitude of a lot of the ultra runners I've met. Very cool, great attitudes, and a little nuts. What I'd like to see happen with my running gig is be able to hammer 50k trail races and MAYBE a 50 miler or two when I'm ready, but be a really solid pacer for people doing 100 milers. Great stuff. Great people. I'm psyched to get out on some runs with these folks. The WS 100 is going to be sick, speaking of.

Today, I tried to get out on a ride with JW. He warned me it would be brutal and I certainly know how strong he and his peeps ride. But I went for it (~65 miles with probably 10,000+ ft of climbing.) Well, I missed them at the start. Turns-out I parked in a different part of the park where we were meeting. I waited until about 8:30 and then headed-out solo. I did just 40+, about 3300 ft. of climbing. I went up to Lake Wohlford and then rode to the base of Palomar before turning around. I got in about 3 hrs of riding, but it was not nearly enough. I am sore in the neck and shoulders from riding but the work was relatively eazy. I'd like to do Palomar with (an)other rider(s), and start earlier -- it got pretty warm out in the north/east county. Not thrilled with the danger or road cycling, but the work will pay-off, God willing. Here's a pic of my Garmin screen (to prove to JW I rode hahahahaha). Whatever. I think it all worked out for the best. Those guys are monsters on two wheels. And at least I know the route now. Great stuff.

Have fun out there, you sickos.


  1. bummed we missed you dude... next time for sure.

    your trip in tahoe looks like good times.

  2. Cheers, Justin.
    Thanks for the comment!