Monday, June 1, 2009


We have a family reunion at Lake Tahoe in the next 7 days. I'm really looking forward to this. The trip is going to really help jump start my new program, which is basically a continued running emphasis with a lot more bike. This means the real trainer (which I did last week) and road and mtb riding with a focus on climbing (which I did a little last week). Obviously, Tahoe will have a lot of trail running/hiking and biking. I will take my road bike. My dad is doing Escape from Alcatraz the week after Tahoe so he's riding and my brother-in-law bikes a little bit. So, aside from all of the fun with family, there will be a lot of mileage at altitude. I've got some maps printed out and can't wait to scout. Since the TRT basically circles the lake, I've found some trail-heads close to our North Shore "residence" so I have a pretty good idea how to access. I'm hoping for some 10 to 15 mile trail runs on the TRT throughout the week and I'm sure the guys and I will throw some nice little 3 hr+ bike rides. We were there about 6 years ago and I know there are some huge hills that take people from the lake to places like Truckee. I'm really psyched.

The little ride I did last week (19 miles, 2500ft climbing) was nice. Although I can't stand riding anywhere near traffic, I found the hill I like at Cabrillo National Monument and did some repeats. They didn't tax much at all, so I know I need to climb a lot more. This has to help the system, my ability to climb period.

Funny that I've been more sore from the cycling than the running. Whatever you're used to.


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