Sunday, August 2, 2009

Off my Ass

No, not referring to my condition after some 22oz curls. Instead, I finally did a little footwork today, meaning I ran -- really "soft" -- on a little incline, walked occasionally, did my little core routine afterwards. No pain. The icing and rest have been key (and thanks for the feedback I got re: my leg).

I hope I can make the starting line on 8/22. But I have to be healthy. And I will be because I'm getting smarter. I took about 4 days OFF. Nada. But I had put in some big weeks (for me) leading-up to this injury. The rest (days off) turns-out to be essential to absorb that work. I like Tim's analogy.

Do you ever feel like you're surrounded by the best and worst things in the world simultaneously? What in the world is one supposed to do then?

I have work to do!


  1. I love how it can begin again ... and again.

  2. You could lay in bed for 5 days and not lose a single percent of fitness. It just doesn't go away like that and if you've trained hard then even after 5 days you wouldn't be truly recovered. I love reading bodybuilding training and diet protocols, they are at the pinnacle when it comes to recovery. The top guys only lift big leg groups (IE: squats) 2 times per week! Anymore and they know that they might get diminishing returns. Of course this isn't 100% relevant to us, but you can see the idea that rest is critical. You're doing good.

  3. The recovery element is a trip, especially with so much insecurity/over-achievement swirling around in the athlete-in-training's head. Absorb.

    You guys are teaching me a ton!

  4. It all comes down to the brain. Always.

  5. seems to throw so much "common sense" on its head. What's the correlation between racing and smiling? I'm sure it's huge.