Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Media

I love the mass media.
I hate the mass media.

A perfect example:

Note his commentary after he calls Kanye West a jackass.

Thanks to the media (in all of its transmogrifying beauty) we are given access to this behind the scenes candor. No thanks to the media, the Prez (and most of us) have to deal with any idiot out there who thinks the Prez was wrong to say that.

By the way, Kanye West is a Jack Ass.


  1. yeah, what a press conference! hard hitting questions there ... maybe someone should have called a boner check and made all the men stand up...he's so dreamy!

    Not so funny when the President of the USA has a take on Bobby Brown...I mean Kanye, meanwhile has NO IDEA (Sunday with George Stepahanopolis) how much funding ACORN is receiving through Federal Stimulus. Keep laughing America!

    As for the MS media, way to get scooped by a couple of teenagers on the ACORN story! Journalism is dead, cheerleading rules!

  2. Politicians. . . homeboy. That's all they are.

    Now your questioning Executive competence? Where you been?

    Who's your boy?