Friday, September 25, 2009

Ripped-off and Blowin' up

I ripped this off of GZ (and he got it from here). Most of my "work" is the exploration of various cultural ills. This image is money. The debates concerning health care, executive compensation, food standards (the encouragement of fast food), education and war (among many others) put people in such awkward positions. For instance, there's the individuals going broke because of the cost of health care (we're a "wealthy" nation?). And there's the ugly paradox of the right wing jack ass who shops and eats organic food. And the people who have no debt, have kept themselves out of danger in the flood of excess now drowning much of this great nation -- any "thank yous"? Any, "we should all live more like that" messaging? To watch all of the breaks being given to people who have thrown themselves into debt is a joke. These stimulus packages are vain attempts to get people to spend again. Spend spend spend. Obama, despite his education, common sense and political values, doesn't seem to have much in the way of encouraging the real change we need . . .because consumerism is too big. Just as George W. promoted shopping following 9/11, the same pathos seems to be at work now . . .and forever as long as we continue to pave the way for the free and the brave.

I gotta see that Ken Burn's flick. Perhaps another statement on the values of this once great nation, especially given the current crisis: close a national park, but rescue the imbecile from his lame consumer choices, the institution from its "business development."

Citizen X: Hey Uncle Sam, my child is sick. Can you give me a hand?

Uncle Sam: Sorry. Get a job or just pay for the damn insurance you need.

X: I'd put it on my credit card, but it's maxed.

U.S.: I might be able to help you there.

(and I love the "Conservative" illegal immigration rhetoric. A great example of talking out of both sides. . . save it).

By the way, that SNL video I posted last week or so, Timberlake and Sandberg. . .got nomiated for an Emmy. Beautiful.


  1. I picked up the reference from:

  2. Yup. I couldn't agree more. We would all be better off in my opinion if 90% of Congress vanished tomorrow.

  3. Yeah, I would say one needs to form his/her own opinions and leave the politicians alone. They're so full of shit; consequently, it seems like when we get "supportive" of one, we're full of shit.

    Politics a career? That's the problem.

    What is right and wrong?
    In terms of the human condition. . .