Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coping mechanisms

A nice little start to the Labor Day weekend. The heat wave is starting to subside, but it's been pretty nasty lately, which I know is all relative. Friday night I stayed in and had a few beers. Tried my first imperial pilsner. Big. Ate some ahi poke with that, a big salad, and watched my buddies' band play live online. They're called the Styletones and they are bad ass.

Saturday was about shopping for the tiny dinner party (does 4 make a dinner party?) we were having. Then I got in a 1 hour ride on the trainer in my garage with an inconsistent cross breeze. I was worked. Have not felt 100% lately. The heat, my feet. . .things just not quite the way they should be. Speaking of exercise, I got a message from Tim this week to see how close I was to Newport for a run. Didn't work-out but nice to see this blogosphere working its community mojo. I'll run into him in the bay area one of these days.

Talked to a personal trainer today and my problem might be the fascia. Tightness is occurring in my soleus/lower calf/achilles. This all started with the shin splint. Once that subsided more or less, I ran a brutal 15 mile (3500ft. of climbing) trail race. Felt AWESOME afterwards. The next day I ran for 30 minutes on the trainer and woke up to a bruised heel. WTF? Is this a stress fracture? I was freaked for a second. Just a bruise. I guess the hard descending and overall damage done during the race was enough to set that up, so a little trot on the tready pushed things too far. So. Then I proceed to walk very very gingerly on only the front of the foot for a few days, and really pay attention to recovery. But the walking on the front of the foot Fs-up my whole left foot/lower leg. I have like a mini ankle sprain and tightness. Bottomline, I'm still working-out but no "opening-up" on a trail. Actually a lot of attention is on the bike and more attention is going there in the future. But I can't wait to run pain free again.


As for the dinner party. A blast. My wife and I broke out our Dutch Gourmet sets and chopped up a bunch of ingredients. Each attendee gets to make his/her own meals. So, steak, chicken, scallops and a ton of veggies makes up the list. Light the fire, add some oil, burn some food, sample some sauces and have a cold drink handy. Good fun.


  1. Sorry we couldn't get together. After some sidewalk runs in newport, I'm happy to be home. Hot and humid down there this week for sure. We'll catch up soon.

  2. Hopefully in Marin. I've never been, but it looks very nice.

    Keep up the good work.