Friday, January 15, 2010

Being Patient In the Waiting Room

I didn't have a panic attack. I messed myself in an effort to maintain/build fitness while being sick. The tightness in the chest is still hanging around. I went to the doctor, got checked-out, my chest x-rays. . .According to him, I have RAD. I think he had to come-up with something since his tests proved negative. My x-rays show nothing, and I'm getting plenty of 02. But something is wrong. I am awaiting referral (HMO) to a pulmonary specialist. I am feeling better and better each day, but I still can't run . . .since that fateful trail run last Tuesday where I ran up a 20% grade (easily) with a chest cold. I think I freaked-out my lower respiratory. I just hope everything is okay. Today I spun on the trainer and felt good despite the little tightness in the chest. Weird. Bummer.

Drinking a Leffe belgian blonde abbey ale. Really nice.

I can't wait to watch the Chargers this weekend put the Jets away.

I would like to see a little scare followed by a definitive win. 31-17.


  1. i can't wait for the game either! i have great ad beers ready too!
    1. Port High Tide IPA
    2 Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

    ...and then a six of green flash west coast ipa if i get crazy!

    go bolts!

  2. GO CHARGERS!!! We have the Bolt Fever here too...

  3. Maybe a muscle pull? I have had tightness via a muscle pull in the intercostals ...

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Meg!
    Glad you're feeling it.
    Go Bolts!