Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Espresso Fo Reals!

A review of my new "machine."


  1. I've been using one of these for years. They are great for making Yerba Mate and loose-leaf teas as well. Since you have strong tastes, try making some Russian Caravan tea in that. This tea was made to be drunk after Vodka!

  2. Nice, Rick.
    I'm looking that up.

  3. Hi Matt. I've had that same blend; it's pretty good. The Russian Caravan is a little stronger in flavor, the campfire/smoked taste is what's a little stronger. Yea, I've stopped drinking this at work after lunch for the same reason - priouetts!

  4. You called it on the campfire/smoked aroma. Pretty wild. That stuff stunk-up my Bialetti!

    More tea!