Monday, August 9, 2010

The first of many

I'm eating more these days so I have more bowel movements.
Excuse me.

I'm so old-school it's sad. I just can't/won't/should't but know I'll probably have to adapt.

The general theme of the more modern era is, really, more. That's right, I said more. More size, more air, more length, quickness, exposure, influence, trash, turds, records, money (probably numero uno), sex, booze, products, pain, pleasure, pornography, pills, parachutes, pee, lecherous preachers to mislead people, pets, programs, projects, etc. It’s paralyzing. People want more health and transparency and honesty and accountability and social justice, too; but much of that is a symptom of the original more (and therefore not terribly genuine) and much of the more positive more actually gets mistaken or even called-out for its insincerity. In other words, good intentions sometimes are just more of the same: more.

I love how people celebrate some examples of more, yet can’t stand others. When it’s all the same God-forsaken game! Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds are not synonymous with The Christ and Lucifer, respectively. In effect, they’re quite one and the same. Sports has seen a huge enhancement from the era of science and technology, which are both main characters in our mor(e)ality score. There is just more to consider because more is available in order to achieve more money and more fame.

I have been battling my own addictions for years. I understand mor(e)onic hedonism that plights man. I want out. I want to start all over again. I need less, want less but feel like more just follows me around, gladly reminding me everyday that more is cool and cool is more cool.

Fuck. I’m confused.


  1. Would having less make you more happy?
    Damn, mentioning Lance and Barry togather might get you more readers!