Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art, tights, tip-toeing through the tulips. . .

I am still dealing with a hamstring strain. It bugs. Not very painful at all, but I don't think about the pain threshold. I think about a 14 mile run with over 3000ft of vertical and I am red-lining. Given the state of that hamstring now, I know it spells trouble when I go for broke on an aggressive trail.

I took a couple of days off after my solid block of a few months. Then I did some easy miles, then a few days off. On Monday of this week I ran for 50 minutes, very ez, and felt nothing on the hammy. Tuesday I ran 1 hour and felt great (these runs were on the treadmill where I can absolutely monitor my speed since it's pretty easy and tempting to go a little too fast for my condition). Yesterday sucked. I didn't run until late in the day. I ran around where I live, so I hit some little climbs. Apparently running down hill is the worst for a hammy. I felt some little niggles here and there on the run. But I probably went a little too fast and my hammy is a little sore. Today I will run another hour or more.

We're going camping this weekend and the campground is on the outskirts of the Cuyamaca trail network. Will absolutely run on the trip. This will be a great test to see how the leg feels on the trail.

Running through this injury is now the plan. I'm just going to run easy and put-in some longer efforts. This will, I believe, do 2 things. It will help with my endurance. Also, I will strengthen the hammy to the point of, I believe, being through this issue. I notice this on my hour long runs. I will feel a little something at 20 minutes and think oh shit. At 40 minutes I'm feeling great. At the end of the run I feel I've completed a solid therapy session on the hamstring.

Speaking of therapy, I have an ART session scheduled for Aug. 8 or 9. I'm not sure of the date because consciously (not sub-) I'm trying to think I won't need it. But I probably will and I've heard great things about it. In addition, I bought some tights. Oh yeah. Heard these work great too. So there you have it.

In tights, running gently to my ART class. Next thing you know I'll be shaving my legs. But fear not, the IPA is flowing.


  1. Actually ... does the hammie hurt on a bike?

  2. Don't think so, but I've only spun once for about 30 min. It really doesn't hurt if I run. I'm going to keep running and then see the pro. And go from there. At this point, not running is beyond reach.