Friday, August 13, 2010


Sean Penn, Wyclef. . . not a fan of any of em and there they are stinking up my blog. More.

Running-wise, I'm in a little bind. The hammie is better. I've been running almost every day. But the embarrassing part is that I was cleaning out some garage paraphernalia and got whacked by my venomous allergies. Unreal. It's a cloud. I just get a little stuffed. So I'm a mess. Not going to let it get me down.

Did 1:35 yesterday to test the hammy after a sports massage. 1:20 today.
I have other issues and the hammy is just a symptom. The hammy will make it.

This next week will be easy rider and I will make it to the line and go nice and easy.

The phlegm is more of a concern than the leg. I wasn't even going to bring this up.
Pretty lame. And to think I was trying to clean and take care of our stuff.

Thank god there is balance in the universe. I will be back.

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