Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10/13 - 10/19

Monday – 1 hr of aerobic exercise including stair-stepper. Hit the sauna per some copy-catting.

Tuesday – 40 minutes of core work including some jump roping. Legs and feet feel pretty strong. 4.5 miles at night around school. Very hilly.

Wednesday – My hill work-out. 4x2 min on a very steep hill and as much flat LT as I could tolerate. Pretty much pure suffering. Very humbling. Around 6 miles.

Thursday – 1 hr of aerobic exercise including stair-stepper. Hit the sauna.

Friday – 2nd quality work-out. 3x 2k LT followed by 1k all out on flat terrain. Your basic speed work. I varied a little.

Based on what Trevor has suggested, I have to build toward some of these work-outs. Now there’s a concept. I have to get fit enough just to do some of the suggested work-outs. Hawaii is the big race so I have about 6 weeks. It just so happens I get to test the engine in a week in what should be a world of hurt.

Saturday – 1 hr. aerobic stuff, followed by the sauna.

Sunday – Nothing. Family. But no worries. My Osgood Slaughter is feeling better. I feel refreshed. Since I’ve been training for a looooong time, fairly consistently, this taper-like stuff is okay. Sure I missed a long run. Oh well. All of this schedule flexibility is another reminder that I’m not ready for ultra.

Monday – Very solid 5 miles. Legs feel great. The sauna is sick. I love it.

Trevor sent me a schedule for the weeks between WOH and Worlds. The guy is money. I can’t wait to see how his coaching feeds into Saturday’s result. I will be fit and ready for Worlds for sure.

Tuesday (today) – Was going to do about 12-14 as a 2 a day. My 4 ½ year-old is sick. So I’ll only get in the 4.5 hilly run tonight, in the dark. Hmmmm. If you look at people’s programs that have maintained early general consistency but include a little late sickness/injury that requires some shutdown, many times they tend to have successful races. In other words, as long as one has built responsibly, the (some might say big) cut in mileage leading up to a race can spell b-a-m.

The rest of the week is mellow with some light efforts. Then the road trip. Then the 25k.

(It’s About Time!)

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  1. It is all about consistency.

    Well, that and recovery.