Thursday, October 30, 2008

Race Preparation

Just want to jot down a reminder of how I came into the WOH.

Jack was sick so my work-outs were non-existent the final week.
I did 30 min on Monday and 30 min on Thursday. I hit the sauna
a little and stretched a little. Since I haven't been stretching
much lately, I thought how perfect that would be to "strain"
something trying to stretch before a race since I'd neglected
it for months.

I had to cancel a couple of days of work to stay home with the boy and
actually walked around with ankle weights. I felt lame and smart at
the same time. Maybe I should do that more. I even tucked them under
my pants when I went to work at night, all low-pro. Walking, climbing
stair cases, doing whatever with extra weight. Lame and smart.

As for food, nothing fancy. Sleep? Slept really well (a lot) two nights
before the race knowing the eve can be rough. And it was. There were
teenagers near our campsite talking about how this friend or that cousin
is a whore, yada yada. I finally passed out, but no worries. I was ready
to race. The morning chores went well although I was coming down with
a little cold. I forget to mention that in the race report. It was in
my throat, but the cool breeze on the run hitting my sweaty chest was
not ideal. I definitely wasn't 100%. Again, the race went well, BUT
could have been faster.

So, very little effort the last week, but the hay was in the barn. Trevor
had prescribed a light week anyway; the guy is big on rest. I think that
paid off. If Jack hadn't been sick, I probably would've worked-out more.

In the end, the war isn't won in a day.

BTW, I'm chillin' this week. Work is ridiculously busy, but according to my
schedule, I'm only running very light and stretching. Until Sunday.

1.5 trail run with final 30 min at race pace. It's on.

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