Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/6 to 10/12 . . . . 35 miles

Monday - Wednesday off minus "the hump" of the daily grind.

Thursday - 1:10 aerobic exercise.

Friday - Caveman-esque hill work-out, 8 miles, pretty freakin hard.
These make me feel slow. Seriously, I think I was stronger on hills a month or so back - maintaining this regime for so freakin' long is killing me. Two weeks before WOH. Scott Jurek's signed-up now, too. Should be a good weekend. I just hope I can get psyched and tap some of this running I've been doing for months and months. I guess I'll start to stretch, too. Pretty undisciplined. Going stale.

Saturday - 22 miles, one run, very aerobic. Ran with Jeremy. Talked a lot. Over 3000ft. of up. My legs are pretty beat up. This is partly because of the back to back. That's the real problem with taking-off the first part of the week. All of my work was done in three days back to back. I feel slow and tight. I need a strong/big week.

Sunday - Errands and family stuff. And some football. Backs against the wall, Bolts!

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  1. how about that game last night! Finaly!

    get out there and run dude. The xterra trail run series is about to be in full force...and you need to lay it down at the WC's!