Monday, May 11, 2009

5/4 thru 5/10

Monday 5/4

45 minute spin

Tuesday 5/5

1:30 trail run with some good climbing. Kind of a breakthrough. I felt a little more worthy than I have. It was hot, but a good breeze to keep temps in check. I have a good route near downtown I can count on now: rolling and up and a ~1k dirt “track,” repeat. Broke out the trail shoes for the first time in a while. Finally.

Wednesday 5/6


Thursday 5/7

1:02 (hey every freakin min. counts!) run with 3x5min on 5min off along the way. With no Garmin/HRM, I’m PE on the status quo and the tempo. It was hot and the run was FLAT. But these runs are key. My little schedule is working for me: variety. A hot relatively hard run along the jetty and around Fiesta island.

Friday 5/8

45 min. spin, fairly committed (~110 rpm) for me.
30 min. run. Felt great. I concluded with some solid incline, mellow pace, but up.

Saturday 5/9

Should have run early as we were going to the desert for Mother’s Day. Because I was so "feeling the pillow" and knew we would have a chance to run later in the desert as Jack would be hanging with Nana, I passed on the early run. Mistake. Finally made it to father-in-law’s taco shop (epic grinds), about 100 degrees: tacos and cerveza. That was around 1:00. Wife and I went back to hotel, checked-in, and I had a sixer of beer in my handy little fridge. Hmmmm. I pulled a genius move. Ran to the base of the mountain, and started up. Climbed about 1000 feet in ¾ of mile. I mean UP! It was rattlesnake paradise, but no sign. So, after about 20 minutes of UP, I turned around and headed back. Running the rocky down, down, down, and Boom – ate shit! My wife actually saw me from the hotel room (this picture is taken from the room and that there rocky mountain is were I went); “I saw your red shorts going along and then you went down.” She’s right. I was dazed. I ate shit! Back to the room for a few more ice cold beers. Slept like a rock.

Sunday 5/10

Knew we were in for a huge brunch buffet, so I hit a run in the morning. Not as long as I wanted, but about 45 minutes of ez run consisting of some pretty good incline repeats on a sandy trail going up the mountain (This pic shows kinda where I went -- that water tank in the distance was pretty much the turn-around). The heat was already on at 7:45am. The run felt good. A little core and then off to the buffet. This was the key for my weekend: I ate smart at the buffet. I did not go nuts and eat 3 insane omelets, a few slaps of beef and a bunch of shrimp followed by two plates of chocolatey mouse-like desserts. Instead, lots of veggies, fruit (even oatmeal) and too much salmon with red onions and capers! Yum. And some bubbly.


So, things continue to get better. I don't feel as old as I did (do not take too much time off once you get "old." Geezerville! I learned my lesson).

The desire to run has returned too. I have to admit, I was fighting some of the runs over the past few weeks, knowing I had to get out there on a consistent basis. Now, I want to run.

Some trends: I'm starting to climb more. The hilly trail run last week was great. Tomorrow (Tuesday 5/12) is another hilly trail run. My treadmill runs have a lot of variety to them, as well. More incline and these feel good. My body is adapting to the stress. Between Trevor and Lucho, I am developing a good running soul (that sounds a little cheesy and brash but those guys are solid, sick athletes and I have learned a lot from both!).

Trend #2: variety. I'm mixing things up. Some hills, some flat with a little tempo, some ez, some spinning on the stationary. This feels right. I'm also needing variety in the runs. I slept-in on Sat. for the afternoon run in the desert because I was dreading another run around the neighborhood, from the house. My weekend work-outs will enable now to drive and launch. I need the variety. And the Wed. off is very nice. Tuesday is big because Wed. is off., followed by big Thurs., ez day and then the weekend. Applause. I'm in a solid polygamous relationship with running.

School is almost out. I have manifesto post coming-up in which I reveal how simple running/training should be. And a preview of the summer. As for a teaser, I'm off to Arrowhead this coming weekend (local mountains, elevation ~5000ft.) and Lake Tahoe in June. My form is building so I should be able to make something of these travels.


  1. Funny.. In a million miles of cycling I've only eaten shit once and never been hit by a car. In all my running I can't even remember the number of times I've augered and I'm up to 7 hits by cars. Looks like fun running! Glad you're in a good place in your head, the body will follow!

  2. One of the first times I ran with Lucho we are on this busy road with a small shoulder during the start of rush hour and he tells me he has been hit by a car seven times. I assume it was biking, but - nope - he tells me it was running. I am thinking, "crikey, this guy is a car magnet."

    Run enough trails and you will biff eventually. It is just part of the love of gravity.

    Ditto to Lucho's comments ... glad that spring is springing for you!

  3. Yeah, eating shit is all that. I remember last year in that World of Hurt 25k, I was behind the women's winner for a couple miles, sorta drafting. I ate shit twice and she kept looking back like I was some creepy drunk guy stalking her. I passed her and we all felt more comfortable. Eating it rocks (pun intended).