Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The End. . . .some thoughts

Between Bolt and Geb, it's safe to say we're in a golden age.
Watching Bolt run, his height, his length, is like watching some kind of running god. Thanks to Magill for the link.

Other than that, today is an off day. I did my long trail yesterday at Rancho Penasquitos Canyon. 1:50 on the dot. 1:50! I was beat. Steady effort, some big hills. Progress!

The web is obviously an insane tool. One can retrieve insane amounts of information (good and bad!). I remember getting involved in triathlon in, like, 2003. Being the sports nut that I am, I naturally followed the big dogs. I looked at the history took a gander at the two sport mags, i.e., familiarized myself with the discourse. Steve Larsen was one of the first "stories" I liked a lot. Rode with Lance, dominated MTB racing and then won, I think, IM Lake Placid. Either way, he went to Kona and finished top 10. Very cool. Then I remember he retired, etc. Today's news that he died is f'ing brutal. I can't believe it. I saw this picture last week on CStoltz's blog (Larsen kicking ass at Xterra, he's on our right).
Working on his speed and down he goes, forever? What? 5 kids. Doing the right thing. Making a living (starting a new business aside from his real estate biz). I have a theory. I've known (of) too many people (including my own mother) who are on top of the world, so to speak, have become complete assests for this god forsaken world . ..and boom, gone. My theory: don't get your shit together. I know that sounds nuts, but I am a little nuts and an event like Larsen's death makes me a little more nuts. My speed work-out tomorrow will be a long MAF run. Go long, stay long. I'm trippin.

This image says it all to me. I found this on LA's twitter page; he says of the pic:

"A msg to cancer, heart attacks, and accidents that rob us of our loved ones."
Thanks, Lance. Rest in peace Steve Larsen and everyone else who left the party way too soon. On that note, go give your loved ones a big hug and kiss; and smile as much as you can, between laughs.


After a slow weekend (5/25), I've decided to make some changes in training and life (nothing drastic, but specific). One of those things is a break from (b)logging my "training" here. It's all jibberish right now.

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