Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last training post.

I'm going to use the Runner's World Training Log I got in the mail. Yahoooooo!
It's just a different forum. It's more mine. I will certainly continue to visit my "bluds" but Recovery Discovery is for something else.

Monday 5/18

30 minute spin
45 minute run
I am fatigued. Tired all day, hungry. I did not really want to workout.
Tomorrow’s big hilly trail run is just what I need.

:45 run

Tuesday 5/19

With some soreness and continued sense of fatigue (I guess that’s what it is),
I jumped on my long trail run. I hit Penasquitos Canyon for the first time in a long time. Thought I’d get in about 1:30 or so. Ended-up doing 1:50 on the dot (weird how so many work-outs end-up on round numbers without really trying, no?) The first 45 minutes was a loop with a big hill. I hit that twice and felt pretty good. By the end of the run I was beat. That’s my longest run in a long time. My knees were sore and I was gast. I took a gel and hit some water at about 1:10. I would guess I climbed between 1500ft and 1800ft. Rolling course with a lot of big hills that reach the rim of the canyon. The trails there are good. With a little more time now, especially on the weekends, this is a good “local” venue.

1:50 run

I’m off tomorrow!

Wednesday 5/20


Thursday 5/21

50 minute hilly run, steady at noon. A little steamy.
30 minute recovery run in the afternoon. Wasn’t going to run due to some dehydration/light-headedness. Took care of that and then the run felt great.
Actually ramped it up at the end, last 5 minutes 7 minute miles.
30 minute spin on stationary.

1:20 run

Friday 5/22
Tuesday 5/26

OFF. I am done with the run only regimen. The weekend was loaded with spring cleaning (gave Father Joe’s a shit load!). Getting organized. No desire to do the runs I’ve been doing for over a year, solo. I go to Tahoe in a week with family to run and hit the road bike with dad and brother in law. Looking at my bikes this weekend in my really clean garage along with by burn-out on the run-only regimen has definitely triggered a change. I hit the bike this weekend with Tom. Change is good. So is ice cold brew.

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