Friday, August 28, 2009

All Banged-up

The race direction finally posted results. I'm 54/335, meaning I KILLED IT.
Almost a week to post results? Wow. I guess I'm new to the program. Well, don't want any of that program. Actually, a good race. And it's so cal.

Speaking of so cal, how about that weather. F an A. Been hitting the beach since I'm a little banged-up. Nuff said. Fall semester starts next week so I'm sorta getting all ready for that bath. Pretty volatile. Matt, you're teach x number of classes. Matt, you're teaching x + 3 number of classes. Things are better. But I still need to get my shit together. Tough when you LOVE your job but feel it's just a little too unpredictable. Sounds like my running career.
Just livin it.


  1. i love it! Gordon Ale on the beach... in san diego. does it get any better?

    keep livin it!

  2. Cheers, homey. Great beach beer!