Thursday, July 29, 2010


So. . .after my own assessment of the situation along with some feedback from Lucho (and a note from the other Tim), I took Sunday and Monday off (other than some extended walking and pool frolicking) and then Tuesday I did 8 miles, Wednesday 6 miles and today I have 8 so far. All miles have been practically zone 1. Since I've been going fairly steady and strong for a month or so, this little break is not bad. The time off and then the slow jog for an hour or so a day flat has felt good.

Today's 8 miles though included some running on grass and I'm afraid I picked-up the pace a little because the hammy did nod its head. No pain. Just the sensation, which actually is a pain in the ass! Come-on! I carried on, stretched lightly, walked, jogged just to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. I'll ask Lucho what exactly he meant by take it ez for a couple of days and then . . . run through it. I'm tempted to give that a try.

When I saw my car, about a 1/4 mile away, I pushed the pace. I felt great and didn't feel at all you know what. Maybe if I just ignore "her," she'll go away. I actually started the run and felt a little twinge in the left hammy. That went away as the miles clicked. You're kidding me. She was. So, I'm just trying to maintain.

This afternoon will include a few more slow miles. This weekend, I will look to do a long run (~15 miles) on one of the days. We'll see.

Thus is the game. Pass me a cold ale.


  1. That sounds like mostly good news. Now go to the track and hit the hurdles just to be sure.
    When the next race, September?

  2. If your bottle is empty, help yourself to mine.

  3. Thanks, gents.

    Rick, late August.