Monday, October 4, 2010

The Engine 2 Diet

I have started the diet that's been getting some play around the web, bookstores and even late night television. I bought the book. Along with the book, the website is loaded with great information. I'm trying to get educated and get really healthy.

The guy who wrote the book has game, namely that he's got roots in real medical science-based nutrition. I'm fired-up to get plant-strong for 28 days. That's no animal product for a month, a huge push toward whole foods and killer meals and to certify the move, no alcohol.

Believe you me: I want this. And I'm fired-up!

I will log food on this blog.
I will update my other blog that concerns running, too.

Day 1

Bowl of Nature's Path Optimum w/almond and rice milk
Cup of coffee

Two bowls of red quinoa topped w/kale and butter lettuce
with Braggs aminos/vinegar and siracha
1 bowl of cereal

6 almonds and 6 cashews (roasted) :(
Shared bowl edamame (frozen) w/sea salt :(
(No more salt)

2 bowls of pasta (not whole wheat, but no more!)
with homemade sauce and kale.

Piece of bread (approved) with nut butter and frozen organic cherries
Freakin yum!
1 Orange

I love food. I need to control my appetite to really make this work.

I have been working-out steadily so I guess that adds to the appetite.
But I'm not naive. I have a lot of work to do.

I can't wait to see how my body reacts to the omission of two key ingredients, things I consume a lot of: Beer and olive oil. Alcohol is a no-brainer.
But olive oil? Rip, the author, denounces the whole oil brigade. Sure he has his argument to sell, but the bottomline is that oil is the most calorie dense food.
And it's got a lot of fat. Good fat, but fat nonetheless. And I eat a lot of extra virgin olive oil, and fish oils. Only the best, but still those will take a rest for the next month. It's all about cleaning the system and getting as smart as I can about my fuel.

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