Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Day Another Phase


New week and a new quote on the blog that says it ALL.
(I'm still proselytizing ALE UP AND GET LONG)

And not to be a prick or a wuss, but the comments component has consisted pretty much of guys I email, so no loss there. One of my homies comments on my training log, so no loss there either.
Just cleaning-up the failure that is a blog that google doesn't want to molest, pat on the head and take to bed (in popularity).

Saw this via email from a buddy. This is interesting since the guy will apparently break Dave Mackey's R2R2R record in about a month. The point is . . . it's a mother fucker? No shit.
And good luck?

I remember hiking the canyon 2-3 times as a Boy Scout. My brother and I and a few other grommets would lead the charge up or down. On one trip, our obese Scout Master got into some "trouble" so I volunteered to hike some water back to him. When I got to him, he slammed the canteen of water and then threw it up. Leadership? I shouldn't say that. He was a good guy.

I plan to hike a ton in that canyon. Sounds like there is an 8 miler on the floor of the canyon going both ways (~16 miles) and then a bunch of up and down. My quads are getting into fine shape for the downs, but I'm not messing around with going too fast on the floor or trying to run the ascents.

If your new to this bloggerhood, follow this guy. He's the one with all the bright ideas!