Monday, March 28, 2011

Run Over by a Choo Choo Nothing

Last week was smart but stoned. I took it easy to give my feet a rest. The left ankle/foot is still a little tweaked. I rolled it probably 2 months ago running in Mission Bay on the grass. I thought nothing of it since I roll my ankle every other trail run especially on technical descents. But this didn't quite go away. It's been bothering me since, sometimes a straight=up ankle swelling, sometimes pain on the top of the foot, sometimes in the lower leg. But it's definitely getting better. The doctor said it looked okay. Just keep an eye on it.

The right heel is more recent. If I straighten my leg and lean forward, there is a tearing feeling on the back of the heel, below the achilles. Googling "heel tearing feeling" gave me a technical name for it, but essentially it's just bizarre and a little painful. I can run on it, but it's definitely a nagging little niggle.

So taking it easy last week was a good idea since I was able to rest the dogs. I ran almost every other day, only three runs. I could tell the training I've been doing over the last few months had been absorbed. I just felt strong, the running was easy, the HR was low (for me ((8ish miles, low-mid 130sHR))). But the rest was good. Smart.

In addition, I got word that my little adventure run was not a go. Big bummer. Last week I think was a short nap, a pause before I begin another journey with some kind of goal. I'm wired for "the event." If you grew-up and excelled at sport, this is what you trained. You have to be ready, prepared to go. If the game/event was bigger than the rest, it was definitely something you thought about. Your body and mind got themselves into position.

I have been training for the Grand Canyon. Having never done an ultra, I knew how important it was going to be to get prepared. And I was doing just that. With the nagging injuries, I shifted, still preparing for the r2r2r. And as much as the body was training, I was getting "wired." Last week was me unraveling. I felt a little relieved once I got past the disappointment. Of course, we rationalize anything. I ate and drank a lot. Ran a little. Slept well. It was a big stoner fest.

So, now it's back to work. I'm going to do some vert this week. I want to do 14k (2K a day) at my local mountain. Today, something happened and I got only 1600. I was worked. I will make it up tomorrow and get this party started once again.

Pass me an IPA.


  1. Nice work the past 3 days!
    You want that IPA in a glass or a can?

  2. Can.

    But I do still have a pint glass from my days in England when I studied and futboled with the Brits. That thing is money.

    Was thinking day-off today (foot). But a comment from Rick is a sign. More vert today!

  3. Yeah, sucks about the r2r2r. Following Brownie getting ready for it and knowing a big group from Utah are heading down the same day makes me bummed too. It'll still be there when timing is better. Important that I'm at work EVERY day until (if) things stabilize there.

    Should be some fun races to web-follow next week: zane grey, mad city 100k, american river, all on the 9th.

    There's a little, round, floating bone on the foot. Wonder whether that's the issue. Deena Kastor broke hers in 2006 (i think).