Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was going to run today. I was going to get back on the climbing horse.

I packed a little lunch to take to work, and ate it at 9:00am. During work, when I wasn't talking, I was thinking about eating. I left some mail at the house, so stopping there before heading-off for a run was necessary (did I plant it, sabotage my day in order to eat?). After work, I drove home.

And I ate.

Another day off? I started thinking I'd hit the gym at night (a really bad sign). More food.
Then I had errands to do. The grocery store. Take kid to kung fu. The grocery store.

No run.

I do feel a loss. There was almost something tragic about it. Like last week, I will have another 5 day week to run my ass off. Literally. . . pass me a tissue. . .

so I can blow my nose.

There is hope. I discovered a new beer. I ran into a six pack of Eye of the Hawk.
This is no joke. $6.99, a Cali strong ale that has a nice balance of hops and malt (sure I like a little hoppier, but I'm definitely willing to negotiate). 8% ABV. It's going down great and for a guy on a serious budget, this is a big find. I almost bought a sixer of Fat Weasel Pale Ale, but saw the Mendocino born IPA Lucho's been drinking and kept going. The Eye is kin.

The Eye is for real, not a cheap ale it sorta sounds like. Read the first 3 reviews on BA.
Actually, go buy some and try it yourself.

This reminds me of the summer (I think '08) when I was getting 6ers of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA for 6.99 at Rite Aid. Everyone else had it for 8.99 and up. Rite Aid hadn't gotten word? Who knows. Now it's pretty much $10 for 6 like every other "quality" beer.

Look me in The Eye: I'm running tomorrow.


  1. So how many feet of vert do you have to do today? 4,500'? 3 x 1,500'?