Monday, March 21, 2011


That is one sick video. Horrible stuff.

A little update.

Grand Canyon in April is getting finalized this week. Looks like the r2r2r is being postponed. I got work of this yesterday from the dood with whom I hoped to share the trail. I understand the complications of life. And he's racing 100 miles this coming weekend, so. . . it's all good. Life is a lot more important than a long road-trip/flight to run a big hole that isn't going anywhere (let's hope). I have all kinds of shit happening right now, as well.

I had a job interview this morning. I am still teaching, but that's part-time now since California doesn't have any money. Fine. I still have great benefits and can still get my teaching swerve-on. But I have to move-on, build a bigger sand castle.

To that end, I am also enrolled in a masters program (getting another masters) and trying to get into the technical communications field. Bring it on!

Money is tight right now for sure, so a trip to run r2r2r is a little untimely. On the running front, my left foot is still a little off, but I can live with it. Then, last week my right calf blew-up. I've had some soreness for about a week, thought I'd run through it, but it got gnarly sore (I mean stop and stretch during a run sore, walk, run, ouch). I got-up at 4:00am on Saturday to run 20 and the calf was bad. So I bagged the weekend.

Did all of this injury crap worry me about the r2r2r? Not really. I've done enough work to get that done though it might not be Miss America beautiful. Last week's back to back 17 miles was a little painful but given that, the consistent weekly mileage, and some solid bunches of vertical (a lot of descent, too) makes me feel pretty confident.

But it looks like that achievement has to wait.

Which means I am still going to the Grand Canyon, but I'm taking the family. Stoked actually. This is good. I felt a little guilty about heading down there along because my wife and kid have never been to the Grand Hole (I've been and hiked it twice). So now I can take them and really take it all in.

And I will recon either Bright Angel or S. Kaibab, running to the bottom and back. This gives me a nice taste of a section of the run, but I get to spend more time enjoying the area with my clan.

If there are some fellas coming down from CO, I still look forward to meeting those guys.

I'm getting pretty psyched now about finalizing the plans and getting my feet dirty.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome trip you have coming up. down/up on S. Kaibab is my favorite - the climb out of there is amazing!