Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking to Stir It Up

There's been a sprinkle of consistency on the running over the past few weeks. I am still dealing with a little left foot weakness, which is definitely related to my fascia in some way (the x-rays a month ago indicated that). If I walk barefoot for too long, especially mixed with a solid trail run in near-flats, the foot acts-up. But the running and the TLC on the foot are helping. After today's run, I feel great. I took yesterday off just to give a little rest. Good call. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to run (not race) this year. Sure I'm going to gobble-up as many Xterra Socal events as I can, but I'm talking about the next level. One thing I do know I should do. . .


This is really all I say to myself these days. I'm looking for a nice build-up to some summer suffering. Right now it's all about getting it done daily so I can drink beer and eat well. That, and keep encouraging my son to wear dark socks with his sandals. So proud of him.

I can not wait to write my post about Tim Tebow. I am so intrigued by the industry's reaction to him. I have lost a lot of respect for many a NFLer. Big deal. I just like a guy like Tebow who's everyone's worst nightmare.

Happy running and recovering, everyone.


  1. so do it... SIGN UP!!!

    as for tebow.... i have become a fan. i like winners.... even though he's an F'n bronco!

  2. Senor Pink,
    I love the free coaching. I don't even have to buy you beers because that just doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. Come see me.

    And check me out saying right on to Beth going pro. Sweet!

  3. You can sign up for 3 Peaks... you moron.

  4. Okay, Oriflamme 50k in March is on the calendar.

    Rick, I would love to do that but it's just too much for April. Not sure I'll even make it to Europe. But I still have goals. Maybe Pikes in August?

    Brownie, you are Tebow, as pure as the head on a Wisconsin draft lager. Don't go Rich Eisen on me. Why do people hate the guy? Ha! He's a figment of our imagination. He is the son of man. Amen.

  5. The Tebow phenomenon is intriguing if you live in California. Annoying as hell if you live in Colorado and aren't a donkeys fan. I'll take my quarterback with a little less of a squeaky clean image and a few more super bowl rings - GO STEELERS!

  6. Why California? If anything, he's an SEC poster boy. Ring reasoning is too obvious. I just like the psychology of the phenomenon. The NFL doesn't want him to succeed.

    The guy talks God, team, trying hard, doing great things. . . and people hate on the guy. If he killed some dogs and went to prison and he was black on top of that? He'd be the man!

  7. It is ALL you hear about here. Just gets old quick.

  8. Ahh, a St. Paddy's Day race. Well planned my friend! A nice climb at the 20 mile mark makes this a good one!

  9. Indeed. One of the best breweries in these god forsaken united states is on the way home from those miles of great trails. You should come along.