Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stoned is the way of the walk

Lots of stoney runs and (for me) vertical going into the books this week. The runs are still right around an hour but the consistent running is where I'm at. Even if I was going 30 min a day, it would be good. With the added TRAIL (not treadmill) vertical this week, I'm getting stronger and feeling better about the work I'm doing. If I recover well from this week (two more days of solid work this weekend!), the vertical will continue as that's my focus. In fact, I have a February race with really steep climbs (short but a bitch), so I want to be really ready for that. However, I also want to continue my flatter running, working on the turn-over, pace, etc. Just doing steep vertical will not get it done for me.

Thanksgiving was solid. Went to Palm Springs again (every year) and got out for one run in the mountains for a little hike/run. Super steep, shooting right from the desert floor. The trails are very hard, stoney if you will. My allergies definitely get activated in the desert, I think due to the lack of humidity and the desert bloom. I can definitely feel the pressure. On the climb, felt like I'd just smoked-out. Adds to the light-headedness going UP! All in all, solid run and my wife was with me. Get it, girl!

Got back yesterday and hit the local trails for a solid 10k, 800ft. (which is a great trail equation). The rest of the weekend is running up and down, and good food and beer. Off to the farmer's market to pick-up some goods for my organic steak this evening with some really cold beer (we're supposed to hit the 80s today!). Endless Summer.

Be good!


  1. I've heard there's some pretty steep stuff in Palm Springs, 2,000' in 3.5 miles in the Tram Road Challenge.
    You know what they say about the Chimay, right? After a few, Chimay, or Chimay not...

  2. Maybe I'm just taking a break from American ale. The Chimay is like drinking fine wine, but it's beer! Hooray.

    Those mountains at Palm Springs top out at almost 11,000ft. So, sea level or below to 11k very quickly. It's what makes that area pretty unique. The San Andreas fault is in a little range on the north east of the valley. Lots of geological intrigue.